Erli Zhou Wins May's Stars and Platinum

The BBOers May Festival finished a few days ago, so let's take a look at who came out top in the premium Stars and Platinum 3 Day Robot Individual.

Big congratulations go to Erli Zhou (nerdpower9), from the USA, who claimed top spot with an overall score of 62.78%. You might have seen him in this article, when he won the Lebhar IMP Pairs with his partner during the NABC Louisville Pairs Event. During May's Stars and Platinum, he made a breakthrough on day 2 and then managed to reach the top of the rankings on the last day of the tournament.

Gill Sitarenios (GILL) from Canada, came home in second, just behind Erli with an overall score of 62.67%. Mikolaj Taczewski (mundi82) from Poland took the final spot on the podium, scoring 62.37%. It was a very close run thing, with fine margins separating the winning players.

Finally, well done to everyone who took part. Check out all the leaderboards below.

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1nerdpower962.7816.7100 BB$
2GILL62.6717.350 BB$
3mundi8262.3717.3620 BB$
4ybob62.2617.2310 BB$
5joefri62.0416.110 BB$
6lc chen61.4116.0610 BB$
7Fish60.8912.9110 BB$
8dvkr60.5612.3610 BB$
9congo4305260.5213.2410 BB$
10AWasiak60.39.9310 BB$

Day 1

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1joefri66.6210.7510 BB$
2gtatar66.1610.5610 BB$
3e_rock65.6910.3710 BB$

Day 2

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1mlodygda8371.097.510 BB$
2nerdpower968.547.3110 BB$
3Ketch Up D68.317.1310 BB$

Day 3

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1gualtier66.716.5710 BB$
2akahraman66.596.3810 BB$
3itamarg66.486.210 BB$

Overall Results

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