Scores & Leaderboards - Aqua Park Bridge Fest (June 12-13)

Top scorers in 1 BB$ Waterslide & 5 BB$ Tsunami Robot Reward

Top Scores in 1 BB$ Waterslide
(Click here for Top 100)

Top Scores in 5 BB$ Tsunami
(Click here for Top 100)

Bubbly Goulash Indy Winners

Saturday, June 12Sunday, June 13
Sat Morning Winners
1. sedbre
2. Robot
3. durukan
All scores
Sun Morning Winners
1. Robot
2. tapasioc1
3. tunc27
All scores
Sat Afternoon Winners
1. avasthi34
2. khokan_g
3. anorexi
All scores
Sun Afternoon Winners
1. tapasioc1
2. ove55
3. chouchou74
All scores
Sat Evening Winners
1. anamaria7
2. capitain91
3. cnr43
All scores
Sun Evening Winners
1. comal
2. levent3535
3. zzzMonika
All scores
Sat Night Winners
1. SPRING 11
2. parsnips
3. Mr_MM
All scores
Sun Night Winners
1. helen53
2. buto
3. aant
All scores

Poseidon Pairs Survivor Results

Click here for Sunday's results.

Click here for Saturday's results.

Splash Teams Tournament Results

Click for Session 1 Results. Click for Session 2 Results. All details on the Splash Teams Tournament page.

Scuba Diving Daylong Survivor Results

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