Poseidon Pairs Survivor: June 12 & 13

Test your partnership’s endurance and survival skills with the Poseidon Pairs Survivor, held as part of BBO’s Aqua Park Bridge Fest (June 12-13).  There are two Survivors to choose from, 4 rounds of 8 boards each. Will you last till the end?

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Tournament specifics

There are two separate Poseidon Pairs Survivors to play - one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. You can join either one or both, the games are independent of each other.


  • 4 rounds of 8 boards, IMP scoring. Anyone can join.
  • 30% cut: At the end of each round, the lowest scoring pairs are eliminated
  • Free entry.

Who can play?

This game is open to all. You can register with a partner, or with a robot partner.

How can I play?

Click on Competitive > All tournaments and look for Poseidon Pairs Survivor, hosted by BBOFest (there’s a Search box at the top of the list).

When can I play?

The game starts at 1PM New York Time (7PM Paris Time) and lasts around 3.5 hours. There is one Poseidon Pairs Survivor on Saturday, and another on Sunday.

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