Get your pairs fix in under an hour. Speedball Pairs have 12-boards and last under an hour. You'll be playing and claiming fast! They run throughout the day, from 7am to 1am Eastern.

Why play ACBL Speedball Pairs?

  • It's a fast paced, pairs game
  • Play a pairs game with ACBL Masterpoints® in under an hour
  • You can play with your favorite partner or form new partnerships

How do I play?

Click on ACBL World, then select the Pairs ACBL Speedball of your choice.

The nitty gritty

  • 12 boards, 3 boards per round
  • You need a partner to play - partnership desk available
  • Available hourly from 7AM to 1AM US Eastern Time
  • 4.5 minutes per board
  • ACBL Open Chart applies
  • Matchpoints or IMPs