Splash Teams Tournament (June 12-13)

Register for the Splash Teams Tournament - June 12-13

Who can play?

When is it?

  • June 12 and 13, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday).


Qualifications: Saturday, June 12

  • Swiss Teams, two sessions. Each session is 4 rounds of 6 boards, IMPs converted to VPs:
    • 11 AM New York Time (5 PM Paris Time) - Session 1
    • 2 PM New York Time (8 PM Paris Time) - Session 2
  • Teams can play either one or both sessions. If you finish in top 4 in one of the sessions, you're qualified
  • 8 teams qualify for the Knockout Phase on Sunday, June 13 (the top 4 teams from each session).

Knockout Phase: Sunday, June 13

8 teams from the Qualifier phase move forward to the KOs (the top 4 teams from each session).

  • 10 AM New York Time (4 PM Paris Time): Quarterfinals, 16 boards
  • Noon New York Time (6 PM PM Paris Time): Semifinals, 16 boards
  • 2.30 PM New York Time (8.30 PM Paris Time): Finals, Segment 1/2 (10 boards)
  • 4 PM New York Time (10 PM Paris Time): Finals, Segment 2/2 (10 boards)

Teams in 3rd and 4th place will play a 10-board playoff at 2.30 PM New York Time (8.30 PM Paris Time)


  • 1st place: 50 BB$ (per team)
  • 2nd place: 40 BB$ (per team)
  • 3rd place: 30 BB$ (per team)
  • 4th place: 20 BB$ (per team)


  • Entry fee is 1 BB$ per player per session, to be paid by the team members during the swiss teams qualifiers, on Saturday, June 12.
  • There is no additional fee if your team qualifies for the knockouts to be played on June 13.
  • A team can contain up to 8 players. Real names are mandatory.
  • Team captains will receive instructions via email, guiding them on how to find the qualifier sessions on BBO and how to join with their team
  • Click here to fill in the registration form

Deadline for registrations

June 11, midnight US Eastern Time (6AM CET on June 12 for Europe).

How to pay?

  • Each player pays their own entry fee, which is 1 BB$ per session. Entry fees will be paid on Saturday, June 12, when your team joins the Swiss Teams Tournament on BBO. Make sure all your players have enough BB$ on June 12, when the Swiss starts.
  • If you don't have BB$, click here to purchase some.

BBO will monitor for cheating. Teams suspected of using unauthorized information will be disqualified. 

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7 comments on “Splash Teams Tournament (June 12-13)”

  1. Please clarify whether all team members must be listed at registration time and if there is a problem if someone is registered but does not play.

    1. Hi. There is no problem if someone registers but does not play. The payment will be made when the tournament is open on BBO, to allow more flexibility for last moment line-up changes.

  2. I'm not wild about this rule, (extracted from Conditions of Contest), " If a player loses connection during a match, the other players will wait for 5 minutes then BBO will replace the missing player with a robot who will play until the end of the match."

    I have lost connections in the past, when BBO has kicked me out for "too many players." Can you rework the COC, such that robot replaces missing player until end of the dealt hand? Thank you

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