Jiang Gu wins the Spring 2024 NABC Robot Individual

The Spring 2024 NABC Robot Individual has concluded, and it's time to celebrate our champions! After three grueling days of bridge in a formidable field of almost 2,300 participants, here are the final results:

Jiang Gu

Congratulations to Jiang Gu (jiang_gu) from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, for claiming 1st place and the NABC Title, with an outstanding overall score of 69.35%. Jiang's journey to victory began with a strong start, achieving 67.30% on Day 1, followed by an impressive 70.78% on Day 2. Maintaining his momentum, he secured his first-place finish with 69.97% on Day 3. Well done, Jiang!

In second place, we have Krzysztof Pikus (sukip) from Kiezliny, Poland, with an overall score of 68.45%.

Tying for the third-place spot are Junhui Zhu (toufu) from Burnaby, BC and Yong-Dong Wang (ydwang) from Memphis, Tennessee, both with a score of 67.83%. Yong-Dong also leads in Flight B and C.

Congratulations to all 2291 players who took part in the tournament and made it a success. Check the complete rankings here to see where you placed!

Please share your thoughts, interesting hands or anecdotes from the tournament in the comments below.

Day one results

1st72.26%Finn Kolesnikfkolesnik18.00
2nd72.14%Fangjun Zhouzh12313.50
3rd71.26%Yong-Dong Wangydwang12.00

Day two results

1st75.08%Junhui Zhutoufu18.00
2nd71.93%Lorenzo CameriniKiddd13.50
3rd71.46%Corey Krantzzen10.13

Day three results

1st75.32%Krzysztof Pikussukip32.63
2nd73.17%Stephen Kwansk195813.50
3rd73.01%John Yinunion63010.13

Overall results

1st69.35%Jiang Gujiang_gu48.00
2nd68.45%Krzysztof Pikussukip36.00
3rd67.83%Yong-Dong Wangydwang28.00
3rd67.83%Junhui Zhutoufu28.00
5th67.13%Leo LaSotaLeo LaSota19.20

Full results

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10 comments on “Jiang Gu wins the Spring 2024 NABC Robot Individual”

  1. This was a scam. I was awarded 2.6 red and just .1 gold. Absurd to advertise it as gold event. I want my money back. ACNL can take its points back. I won’t be entering this again.

  2. I live on the West Coast. I have a busy Monday and didn't get to day 3 of the NABC until evening. I was very disappointed when I got kicked out at 9PM, not finishing the event. Why does everything have to revolve around Eastern time??? Why can't the start-end times be in the middle of the night so that everyone can finish in a normal day?

    1. I second this! I actually came to these comments just to ask for the same change. I'm sure bridgebase could prove that this is a good idea by looking at their traffic from 9pm-12am EST vs 12-3am. This is a concern for younger people trying to play as well, we have to work/go to school on the monday!

  3. Ugh! I logged on to BBO every day of the tournament and wasn't aware it was taking place this weekend. I had paid for my entry in advance and didn't get to play. For the price being charged, it should be more visible! (Pop-up, Mail, etc) because I literally wasted a big chunk of cash on this 🙁

    1. Hi Jonathan, sorry for that. We actually had announcements about the NABC Robot on BBO News every day for a month leading up to the event. Also, we sent out pop-ups and emails, and shared updates across our social channels. We even had ads banners running. Did you happen to subscribe to our email?

      1. I know the NABC was heavily advertised, but at some point you become numb to the generic repetitive ads. I meant a notification specifically about having boards to play in my inbox or some visible change on the front page, like when you have challenges from friends awaiting and the whole section turns bright yellow, a red "unread" notification dot, or any such device to draw attention to it... I had no business to attend in the ACBL section this whole weekend and never stumbled upon the tournament, at all.

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