NABC Robot Individual Summer 2022

What is the NABC Robot Individual?

It’s a three-day stratified (Unlimited/2000/500) online event hosted by BBO. Join the fun and win big - there are Red and Gold Masterpoints® as well as an NABC title up for grabs.

Event details

  • ACBL Masterpoints (Red and Gold), as well as an NABC title!
  • July 9-11, 2022 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). 24 boards per day
  • Choose your own start time and you'll have until midnight Eastern Time to complete 24 boards
  • It's stratified to level the playing field - Unlimited/2000/500. Non-North American players are considered unlimited
  • The event format is similar to the ACBL Daylong tournaments on BBO
  • Practice tournaments will be held on the weekends leading up to the event, with the first on June 25 and 26 and the second on July 2 and 3.

Registration details

  • Preregistration required
  • You'll get a 6 BB$ discount if you played in the 2022 Spring NABC Robot. You can purchase BB$ here 
  • You need to be an ACBL member to play. Join or renew your ACBL Membership by Friday, July 8 (3 PM Eastern Time)
  • To register, login to BBO, then click 'ACBL World', followed by 'Summer 2022 NABC Robot Individual'

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Registration opens June 24