FAQ - NABC Robot Individual

  1. What is the NABC Robot Individual?

This is ACBL's NABC Online championship. It is a Stratified, 3 Day event where you can win Red/Gold Masterpoints® as well as an NABC title. All you need to know on NABC is here: https://news.bridgebase.com/nabc-robot-individual/

2. Can none ACBL members play in this event?

No, Only current ACBL members can participate in the main event, so make sure BBO has your ACBL member number and your membership is active (join or renew no later than 3pm Eastern Time on the day before the tournament starts (Friday) so we have time to process your ACBL membership). if you have questions regarding your ACBL membership, please join ACBL via this link. Contact membership@acbl.org if you have questions about ACBL membership.

3. Can you summarize the basics I need to play in this event?

  • Join or renew ACBL membership no later than 3pm Eastern Time on the day before the tournament starts (Friday) so we have time to process your ACBL membership)
  • Be a BBO member by the time you wish to register. (BBO membership is free, www.bridgebase.com to register)
  • You either need a computer with a browser capable of running the BBO version you see at www.bridgebase.com, or a mobile device with the BBO mobile app downloaded.
  • The entry fee is 50 BB$. Register between the day of the registration opening day and 5 days before the tournament starts to pay the discounted price of 40 BB$. You'll need at least 40 BB$ or 50 BB$ in your account. You can purchase BB$ here.

4. How do I register for this event?

To register, login to BBO, then click 'ACBL World', followed by 'Summer 2023 NABC Robot Individual'

5. How do I play in the actual event?

  • After you have successfully registered, login at least once a day during the tournament and play your daily set of 24 boards.
  • You must complete your boards by midnight EST
  • You will receive your results for your session on the next day.

5. What happens if there are technical issues?

If there is a prolonged outage caused by BBO which results in a player to not being able to complete their board, they will receive a full refund for the event. If there are less serious technical problems and short outages, then there are no refunds and players are expected to complete their hands in a session.

The event is set up in such a way that if a player's own device or internet temporarily fails, the player will be able to resume play by returning to BBO.

6. What the important things to be aware of?

  • If you begin a daily session, you have until midnight EST to complete your 24 boards. Any incomplete boards are scored as a 0
  • You have to complete at least 1 board a day to continue in the event. Otherwise you will be eliminated.
  • There is full carryover, ie, every board in every session carries equal weight.
  • Not everyone will be dealt the same boards.
  • You play with 3 robots at a table. Everyone has the same robot partner and opponents. Robots on BBO play 2/1.
  • The event is "Best Hand". See COC point #9 for details.
  • The event is "Human Declare". See COC point #10 for details.
  • You should make sure you're at least comfortable playing on BBO, as well as reasonably familiar with the robots.

Apart from the usual free or paid games on BBO, there will be multiple practice events you can participate in prior to the actual tournament start date.

7. About the robots on BBO

  • The robots play a modified 2/1 system. Details available here
  • You should make sure you understand the difference between the robot's concept of TP and HCP.
  • You should make sure you understand how to see the robot's explanation of his bid.
  • You should make sure you understand how to see what the robot will think your own bid means.
  • You can achieve all of these by playing robot games on BBO. Here are some possible options:
    • Solitaire Games (Free, basic robots)
    • Free Daylong Tournaments (Free, basic robots)
    • Free Robot Tournaments (Free, basic robots)
    • Paid Robot Tournaments (Paid, advanced robots)
    • NABC Practice Tournaments (free)
    • Rent a robot or have a friend rent it for your table (Advanced or basic bot, renter's choice).

8. What are some ways I can be disqualified or eliminated?

First off, ACBL and BBO staff, along with their household family members are not eligible to play. You know who you are!

  • As mentioned earlier, if you fail to complete at least 1 board in that day's session, you will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • If you are found to have participated in Unauthorized Information (UI), you will be disqualified and possibly sanctioned according to ACBL rules. Some of the possible UI methods are:
    • Exchanging information about a session's boards before that session has concluded.
    • Misrepresenting who is playing the session's boards.

Each day's session results are preliminary, and are examined by an expert investigative panel. Their decision is final.

9. Will points won in the NABC Robot Individual count towards the various masterpoint® races?

This is an NABC event and title. Therefore, they count towards the Mini-McKenney.
However, they do not count towards the Ace of Clubs and the Online Race

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