BBO's Valentine 50% Special

On Wednesday February 14th, you'll get 50% off the entry fee for the following games! These are quick games (20-30 mins) that you can play while you're waiting for another tournament to begin.

  • Express 4 Fast Boards - 50% off entry fee
    Mix and mingle with new partners every round! Each board lasts only 5 minutes – perfect for a speed-date experience!
  • Express 4 Fast Boards Pairs - 50% off entry fee
    Bring your bridge soulmate to try Express 4 Fast Boards - Pairs. These quick games last about 20 minutes – just the right amount of time for a cozy date! Don't worry if you can't find a partner; you can always join the romantic speed date with our charming robots.
  • Express 4 Fast Boards - You & Robot - 50% off entry fee
    It's a fun and unique game to enjoy amidst the hustle and bustle of Valentine's Day. In this fast-paced adventure, your partner will be a robot, and you'll face new opponents in each round, all of whom will also be paired with robots. Enjoy some head to head moments with fellow players, knowing you have a skilled partner by your side!
  • BBO Robot Duplicate (MPs and IMPs) - 50% off entry fee
    Waiting for your date to arrive? These games are perfect for you. Play 8 boards in just 30 minutes. Bring a box of chocolates along for the ride! Earn points with MP and IMPs scoring. It's a level playing field as everyone has the same robot partner and opponents.

Discounts will be in effect until 11:59PM ET, February 14th, at which time prices will return to normal.

Plus, there's lots more fun to be had on Valentine's Day

3 Free Valentine’s Day Pairs Tournaments!

You don't want to miss the festive atmosphere at the tables with free tournaments, prizes and surprises. What better way to celebrate the day of love than by playing a friendly game of bridge?

There's 3 free pairs tournaments to enjoy along with a BB$ giveaway in the ACBL World Valentine's celebration.

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8 comments on “BBO's Valentine 50% Special”

    1. Hi, to enjoy the above promo, log in on February 14th and go to the "Competitive" section.
      Then, choose "BBO Points Tournaments" to find the Express games,
      or go to "Robot Tournaments" to find the Robot Duplicate games.

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