Play the New ACBL Non-Life-Master Robot Daylong

A Level Playing Field for All!

This game has been designed for ACBL players, who haven't reached the level of ACBL Life-Master. Lots of you played the pilot version during the New Year's Countdown, so we've created the ACBL Non-Life-Master Robot Daylong as a permanent fixture on the games schedule.

You play with robots using the familiar basic SAYC system, and are be up against players of a similar skill level to you. Everyone has a chance to do well and earn points. Only players who are not Life-Masters yet can play, which creates a fair game for everyone.

The format is 12 boards MP, and you compete for ACBL Masterpoints® and BBO Points. As with all daylongs you have 24 hours (from 5AM to 5AM US Eastern Time) to complete your boards. You can start, pause, resume at any time, without losing your progress.

Click ACBL World > ACBL Non-Life-Master Robot Daylong to play.

17 comments on “Play the New ACBL Non-Life-Master Robot Daylong”

  1. I am seeking a way to get gold and silver points which I need for my lifemaster certification. Will any of these games offer something other than black/open points?

  2. I'm not going to pay to build up a bunch of worthless black points. ACBL needs to offer red/gold points to make this program worth paying for.

  3. I logged in to BridgeBase and clicked "ACBL World" as instructed in this article. It appears that
    1. The cost is $1.99 per tournament
    2. The name of the tournament right now (January 31) is "ACBL Non-Life-Master Robot Daylong: 2024-01-31" so I'm assuming there is a separate tournament every day, presumably 5AM to 5AM US Eastern Time as the article describes. The BridgeBase instructions say "Your partner will be a robot", so you can't play with a live partner.

  4. I looks like the new non-life master daylong game does not use the "best hand" format used in the other daylong games. Is this correct?

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