Using robots in your tournaments

There are several ways you can use BBO's robots to improve your online games.

  1. Allow players to register with a robot as a partner
  2. During the game, use robots as substitutes
  3. Complete a board with robots

Allow players to register with a robot as a partner

When you create your tournament, there is an option in the tournament settings to allow robots in your game. This refers to allowing players to register with a robot as a partner.

This is a great way to boost your number of tables, by allowing players who do not have a partner to join your game.

Registering with a robot costs 0.25 BB$ and the cost is supported by the player.

Please note that this setting cannot be changed once the tournament is created.

This is what it looks like for your players:

You can use robot substitutes and complete unfinished hands with robots even if this setting deactivated.

After the game has started, the TD cannot replace a rented robot.

Using robots as substitutes

If you wish to use a robot to replace a missing player or a sitout:

  • right-click on the seat where you want to place the robot
  • choose Substitute – select
  • type Robot as the name of your substitute. For example, if you are trying to use robots to fill in sitouts you will type: Replace Sitout with Robot
  • robot substitutes are free
  • robot subs are basic robots

Robot substitutes behave just like human substitutes: they are removed when the original player returns, and they can be replaced with another human at any time.

You can also "pin" a robot to the table as a permanent substitute if you want to stop the original player from being reseated. You can still replace the robot with another human later, even if you permanently assigned it to the seat.

Complete a hand with robot

Sometimes a player loses connection in the middle of the board, and using a substitute might ruin the hand, as the sub is not aware of what has passed. You can use a temporary robot just to play out the hand. The robot will be removed from the seat as soon as the board in progress is completed, and the seat will be reserved for the original player.

To use a temporary robot that simply completes the board in play, and is removed at the end of the hand, type tempbot as the name of your substitute. For example, if you are trying to replace user daphne 5, you will type: Replace daphne 5 with tempbot.

Please note that using temporary robots to replace sitouts will not remove the robot at the end of board 1, as there is no original player to return to seat to.

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