How to obtain a hand record link that does not expire

Sometimes you want to save a hand for posterity. The problem is, most of BBO's hand records expire in a few months.

Here's how to save a URL from BBO's myhands database forever:

Search the hand in BBO's myhands database:

To get a permanent link, please click the link to movie, in myhands:

A pop-up should open with the unrolled URL, exposing the actual lin for the hand:

If you copy that .lin, the link will not expire.

So this URL expires after a while:

But this one does not:

You can turn it into a tinyurl for easier manipulation, and it would be a link that can be accessed years later.

You can also click the lin link and download the actual lin to the file if you need. It's probably simpler to pass around links than .lin files.

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