About Video Chat in tournaments

BBO has partnered with a leading video conference company to provide very high-quality video chat for bridge tournaments. Here’s a quick guide to show you what you expect when you are playing a tournament with Video Chat on BBO.

If the tournament you’re playing has Video Chat active, when your game starts you’ll see a video component on the BBO screen, with four squares corresponding to the four players at the table, and a Join button.

You will be able to see and hear the players who have already joined the Video Chat. They will not see or hear you until you click the Join button.

When you click Join, your browser will ask for permission to use your camera and your microphone. Click Allow.

Once you’ve granted permission, you should see yourself on video, and the other players will also be able to see and hear you.

Notice the controls at the top of the video component. You can use them to Mute / Unmute yourself or turn your Camera On / Off. It is recommended to Mute your microphone during the play.

Have fun chatting and socializing with your fellow bridge players!

FAQ & Troubleshooting

What quality can we expect from Video Chat?

We’ve partnered with a leading video conference company to provide a very high-quality video chat for our bridge tournaments. We chose this solution as it’s scalable, reliable and offers excellent quality.

Can I Video Chat on my mobile device?

Yes! Video Chat is supported on web, for Google Chrome browser on Android devices and for Safari browser on Apple devices. Please note that you need to access BBO through our website, at https://www.bridgebase.com/v3/

I can see the other players but they don’t see me!

Make sure to click the Join button:

If you’ve clicked Join, and your video is still not starting, check your browser’s settings to make sure you’ve granted permission to bridgebase.com to access your camera. Depending on your browser, the options can vary, but to grant permission to a site you usually need to look for: 

  1. More More and then Settings.
  2. Under “Privacy and security,” click Site settings.

I find Video Chat too disruptive

Video Chat is completely optional to the tournament organizer. You can choose not to join tournaments with Video Chat. However, during this strange time of forced isolation, ‘seeing’ others is recommended for the benefit of our mental health. Video Chat brings back some of the live bridge feeling and allows players to socialize more.

Can I mute my microphone / turn off my camera?

Yes, you can. Use the icons at the top of the video chat column to control your sound and video. It is recommended to “mute” your sound while playing, as a courtesy to the other players.

Do we have to pay for Video Chat?

Video Chat is free for virtual clubs. not free, but the cost is supported by the tournament organizer. Some clubs will choose to pass the costs further to their players, others might choose to cover the costs themselves. BBO will not charge the players for Video Chat. 

Will Video Chat slow down my computer?

Live video streaming requires a good internet connection. How fast or slow your browser is while Video Chat is active depends on the quality of your internet connection and on the other apps running on your device.

Is there a way to remove the video chat box from the table?

There’s no way to remove or minimize the video chat column at the moment. We’re considering improvements to the design, as we collect more feedback from our players.

Is there a way to mute another player?

It’s not possible to mute other players at the moment, but you can ask them to mute themselves when they are not speaking. We’ll continue to refine and add more helpful settings as we collect feedback from players.

Can the Tournament Director join the Video Chat and talk to the players?

Yes, the TD can join any table’s video chat and also sees the table video if the players have activated their cameras.