What can you play during the ACBL Winter Festival (Dec. 22-23) ?

Our very first ACBL Winter Festival is almost here, with new and exciting events to try. There are BB$ prizes, free entries to ACBL games to win and Masterpoints® up for grabs.

Survivor Pairs, Swiss Pairs (not teams!), Life Master and Non Life Master tournaments, both for pairs and with robots, all await you for a glorious end of year. Invite your favourite partner, or pick our friendly robots and head over to ACBL World for two days of fun and excitement.

What can you play during the ACBL Winter Festival? Click the links below for each event details.
How to register
  • The Pair events will be open for registrations 6 hours before start time. Log on BBO with your partner on December 22, click ACBL World and register to the tournaments you wish to play.
  • The Robot events will be open for registrations as of December 22, 5AM US Eastern Time, and you can start playing any time during the day. The robot tournaments are "daylong" style events, where you can login, play, stop if you have to take a break and come back to finish your daily boards -- as long as you do so before the tournament closes.

Good to know
  • All events in this Festival are restricted to ACBL members. Click here to update the ACBL number associated with your BBO account.
  • Events marked as 2-Day tournament span over two days, with one session played on December 22nd, and the second session played on December 23rd.
  • Events marked as LM and NLM are restricted to ACBL Life Masters, and ACBL Non-Life Masters, respectively.
  • All games award unpigmented ACBL masterpoints.
  • BB$ prizes and free entries to ACBL games awarded for each event.
  • ACBL Open Chart applies, except for the NLM games, where ACBL Basic Chart+ applies.

Click here to read all about the ACBL Winter Festival taking place on BBO on December 22-23.


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15 comments on “What can you play during the ACBL Winter Festival (Dec. 22-23) ?”
  1. They are like the black club points, but when they are won online they are called unpigmented. They count for the same ranks as club masterpoints.

  2. You both have to be life masters to play in the life master events. There are open events too, a free survivor pairs each day, and also swiss pairs each day.

  3. What a major disappointment in these times of serious massive lockdowns that this series of events is not open to those of us the other side of the pond.

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