Springtime Swiss Teams

Grab your friends, register your team or let BBO match you with another pair. Join the fun with the refreshing Springtime Swiss Teams, held as part of BBO’s Lily Land Bridge Fest (May 1 – 9).

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Tournament specifics

  • 18 boards, VP20
  • 3 rounds of 6 boards
  • Free entry

Who can play?

Everyone's welcome to join the Lily Land Fest's Springtime Swiss Teams! This is a teams tournament. You can register as a team, or join with your partner and let BBO match you with another pair. There's also a partnership desk if you don't have a partner.

When Can I play?

The Springtime Swiss Teams start every day at 11 AM, 3 PM and 7 PM US Eastern Time (5 PM, 9 PM and 1 AM Central European Time), over the course of the 9 day Lily Land Bridge Fest. 

How to find the games?

Click CompetitiveAll Tournaments (or Virtual ClubsBBO World) and search for “Springtime Swiss Teams”.

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