Lily Land Bridge Fest - Schedule

It's time to spoil yourself with a festival of flowers and color!

Let's get May off to a flyer! Starting May 1 and running through to May 9 is the Lily Land Bridge Fest. There's something for everyone and every level. To make things really exciting, gather your team together for the brand new BBO Rainbow Teams Championship starting on May 3 and running all the way through to May 9.

Click any event for more details (what, when, how much). Click copy to my calendar to see the times in your time zone.

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22 comments on “Lily Land Bridge Fest - Schedule”

  1. Try again, there was a problem with the daylong style tourneys foir a bit, but back to normal now.

  2. Sorry about that. There were some technical problems on Day 2. It will be eliminated entirely from the overall results at the end of the tournament, and only Days 1, 3, 4... 9 will count.

  3. What is going on with the 9-day survivor tournament? Supposedly you eliminate the bottom 20% every day and you are eliminated if you don't play. Day 2 and 3 had the same number of tables. And in fact more players actually played in Day 3 than Day 2. Please fix this. It's not any fun to commit to a tournament that if we make it to the end is a 9-day commitment, but you're not even eliminating the players you should be.

  4. Can’t register for water lilies marathon even though I qualify - just has link that says about

  5. Water.ily 6 day marathon won’t let me play. It just has a link that says about even though I qualified

  6. Glad to see BBO changed the Glorious Daylong payout from 60% (first day) to 80% (second day). Good job BBO choosing to make it fairer (or correcting a mistake). Thanks!

    1. There are two events with 5 BB$ entry fee: the Rainbow Teams, which is 5 BB$ per player for the entire event (7 days) and the glorious daylong reward, which is 5 BB$ per player and it's a daily event, there is a new one every day. For the daylong reward, 80% of the entry fees are paid back in prizes to the top finishers so you invest, but win it back if you do well.

  7. $5 “Glorious Daylong” is extremely inglorious.

    First day—60% or so payoff (rough calculation)—so house cut, an enormous 40% (BBO—please let me know if I’ve miscalculated). Other similar BBO games 10%-20% house cut.

    I didn’t play first day to see payoff; now of course I’ll never play this game.

    BBO—of course you can run your site however you want, but I’m very disappointed you don’t affirmatively disclose only 60% returned in prizes.

    BBO—any comment?

  8. There was a problem with the schedule today, we apologize for the inconvenience. The 7PM Swiss was not created, as it should have been. We'll fix this for the rest of the festival.

  9. I guess on Glorious Daylong winner receives $15 and prize fund is 80%. But we will see tomorrow.

  10. For the $5 daylongs, what percent of the entry fees will be returned in prizes? It says 40% of the entrants will win something, but not what per cent of the entry fees will be returned in prizes.


    1. In individuals you do not need a partner. You can register alone and BBO will partner you either with robots, if it's a robot tourney, or with random players, if it's an indy with humans.

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