Guide for using the Big Tournament portal

Here is the link to a portal allowing you to create multi-session tournaments, pre-register pairs into your games, manipulate and control the way players are seated at the table when a tourney starts, get results in usebio format, access tournament logs after it ends, and many other useful features.

Warning: only pair games supported at the moment.

Big Tournament Portal

Log in with a username associated with your NBO code. You will see all the past, present and future tournaments using your Federation code, up to 3 days back and 3 days forward.

Why "big tourney" portal?

You can use this portal to plan big events, championships with pre-registrations, or multi session events.

The maximum number of pairs for a BBO tournament is 800 (400 tables). We usually recommend setting this number a bit lower so it's not at the absolute max (eg 790 pairs).

Features available in the portal

  • Upload list of registrants
    This option allows you to upload a file with registered pairs usernames, which will be used to automatically register the pairs into a tournament. The file format needs to be tab delimited csv (or txt), as detailed in the next section.
  • Get section sizes
    Available for a tournament in progress. Returns a file indicating section sizes.
  • Get players 
    Available for a tournament in progress. Returns a file showing all players and how they are seated at their tables.
  • Get registrants
    To be used after a tournament has started. Returns a file with all the pairs registered to the tournament, in a format suitable for being uploaded to another tourney. This is usually useful to fetch the list of players from a session, and upload them to the next session, in multi-session events.
  • Show online registrants
    Useful for upcoming tournaments. Allows you to see how many of the registered players are online, and call them online, or delay the start if too many are still missing.
  • Show withdrawn players
    Useful for tournaments with pre-registrations. Allows you to see how many players have withdrawn from your tournament, and you can reach out to them to verify if they withdrew on purpose, or by accident.
  • Get results USEBIO
    After your tournament has completed, allows you to download the results in USEBIO format.
  • Get deals LIN
    For tournaments with prepared deals, allows you to verify if the folder of deals used in the tournament is correct. Returns the LIN file uploaded to the tournament.
  • Get activity log
    For completed tournaments, allows you to see tournament history up to 3 days back. Useful for late adjustments or rulings.

Format for the data file with your list of registered pairs

You can prepare a file with the pairs who will be playing in your event. The format is tab delimited text, with the following syntax:

A<username1><tab><payment status><tab><username2><tab><payment status>


  • "A" indicates the beginning of a new row
  • username1 is the first player in the first pair. Will be seated at table 1, north, if file is used "as is" (without shuffling registrants when the tourney starts)
  • payment status is a number from 0 to 2, where:
    • 0 means user is not paying
    • 1 means user will be charged when the tournament starts
    • 2 means user is paying for his partner too
  • username2 is the second player of the first pair. Will be seated at table 1, South, if file is used "as is"
  • payment status is the information about how username 2 pays for the game.

For a file of the form:

Auser1 0 user2 0
Auser3 0 user4 0
Auser5 0 user6 0
Auser7 0 user8 0

When this file is uploaded to a tournament, and the setting +asis+ is specified in the tournament description, the players will not be charged at start (payment status = 0), and be seated in the game as follows:

user1 -> Table 1, North
user2 -> Table 1, South
user3 -> Table 1, East
user4 -> Table 1, West
user5 -> Table 2, North
user6 -> Table 2, South
user7 -> Table 2, East
user8 -> Table 2, West

Using robots in your preregistration file

If you want to use robots in the tournament, you need to write




Where +r+pb+h2 is advanced robot, and +r+pb+h1 is basic robot.

If you pre-register the robots along with your human pairs, you won't be charged for them.

Payment status for robots is always 0.

If you use robots in your tournament, remember to tick the "Robots allowed" checkbox when you upload your registrants file to the tournament.

Using +asis+

When uploading your file of registrants, if you want them to be seated at their tables in the tournament exactly as you defined the file, please write +asis+ in your tournament description. This tells server to use the registration data "as is" and not shuffle the pairs.

If you want the pairs to be seated in random order, do not use +asis+ and the list will be shuffled automatically when the tournament starts.

Upload preregistration data

Once you have your file with the pairs registered for your game, upload it via the portal and you will see the following options:

If you use robots in your tournament, remember to tick the "Robots allowed" checkbox when you upload your registrants file to the tournament.

When you upload your registration file, if you do not want your players to pay, even if you already specified the payment information inside the data file (by marking it as 0) you still have to tick "Prepaid session" in the portal.

The "Members only" setting currently works only for the ACBL.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you need help with organizing your events.

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