Description settings that will help your team match run more smoothly

Last updated: October, 2021

When setting up a team match you have the option of adding the following strings in your team match description:

  • +nokill+ keeps the team match pending until all seats are filled.
  • +slow+ doubles the minutes per board from 10 to 20.
  • +silentspecs+ blocks kibitzer chat (so that kibitzers can only chat to each other in private)
  • +private+ Prevents people from clicking on the empty seats to ask permission to sit. This allows you to start the team match with empty seats and send invitations to your players without being interrupted by requests from unknown players.
  • +video+ Activates video chat in your team match. Available to clubs and select hosts. Contact for access to this feature.
  • +noinvite+ Takes players into their seats without making them accept an invitation first. Granted sparingly, only to select hosts (typically for API integration).
  • -username- Gags kibitzer from chatting. Can add multiple usernames if needed: -johndoe-janedoe-john66-mary15-
  • When you need to use multiple strings, write them like this:
    +private+ +nokill+ +slow+

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