Description settings for tournaments

Last updated: January, 2022

When setting up a tournament you have the option of adding the following codes in your tournament description:

  • +allavail+ holds tournament start until all registered pairs are available. Returns a message to the host, informing them who is not available. This setting works for Swiss Teams as well.
  • +video+ activates free video chat for your tournament, team match or casual table. Documented here.
  • +howell+ turns a mitchell movement into howell. Documented here.
    • +hm18+ is used together with +howell+ Turns a mitchell movement into howell if there are less than 7 tables. Else it runs as a mitchell. Works only for pair tournaments of exactly 18 boards. Documented here.
    • +roundsX+ is used together with +howell+ Runs a partial howell tournament, which stops after X rounds. Documented here.
  • +swiss+ avoids re-matches in your Swiss Pairs tournaments. Without the +swiss+ description string, Swiss Pairs on BBO run Danish style, with highest scoring pairs meeting each other multiple times.
  • +breakX+ adds a one hour break after round X. Only works for pay tournaments or other tournaments using an organization code. Not restricted to howells, works for other movements as well. Documented here.
    • +bduration=Y+ is used together with +breakX+ Sets break duration to Y minutes. Documented here.
  • +sectionsize=X+ Allows setting the section size to a number between 8 and 50. Sections will be created as balanced as possible. Setting section size to 20 in a 24 table game will result in two sections of 12 tables.
  • +asis+ Seats pairs into a tournament with pre-registrations exactly as they were listed in the registrants file (without shuffling). Available only to NBOs and system accounts.
  • +MPLIMIT=X+ Available only for ACBL games. Restricts tournament registrations only to players with max X ACBL masterpoints.
  • +LT=x+ Available only for Virtual ACBL Clubs. Allows a club with multiple simultaneous sessions to give credit for all their game tables. Documented here.
  • When you need to use multiple strings, write them like this:
    +allavail+ +howell+ +hm18+

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