NABC Robot Individual: Day 3 in progress
2924 players have been taking part in the ACBL’s 2021 Fall NABC Robot Individual (November 20-22). We're now on the last day of this 3-day event. Now that Day 2 is over, you can see the results so far by clicking this link. The official results will be announced after the cheating checks are completed. sieong is leading overall with 69.73%. junior is in second place with a score of 68.56%. lxs555 is currently in third place with a score of 68.37%. We'll update you tomorrow with the final preliminary results.
ACBL Evening Swiss: Daily at 8 PM
If you're a team match fan, you should grab your favorite four and play in our ACBL Evening Swiss. As of Sunday, November 21, you can play every day at 8 PM US Eastern Time. Entry fee is 2.29 BB$ and you will win ACBL Masterpoints if you do well. What is a Swiss Teams Tournament?A Swiss Team Tournament is a 3-round of 6 boards (total 18 boards) team tournament. Scoring is VP20 (Victory Points). You can put a team of four together and join, or register as a pair with your favorite partner and invite another pair to be your teammates. If you don't invite team mates, the…
Samuel Ieong wins the Fall 2021 NABC Robot Individual
The results are in for the Fall 2021 NABC Robot Individual! We're pleased to announce that the winner is Samuel Ieong with 68.10%. Andrea Boldrini comes in second with 67.95%, closely followed by Chris Willenken in third with 67.45%. You can see the complete rankings here. Great play also by Wei Situ who topped Flight C with 65.68%. Well done to all 2924 of you who took part in the tournament! Find out where you finished up by clicking here. Day one results 1st: Jose Cortina 74.37%2nd: John Wallbaum 72.85%3rd: Jordan Chodorow 71.74% Day two results 1st: Bartek Gawel 75.95%2nd: Steve Zolotow 73.00%3rd: Chris Willenken 72.71% Day three…
Winners of NABC Robot Individual Practice Tournament #2
Last weekend, November 13 and 14, ACBL BBOers were invited to play in the second free 2-day NABC Robot Individual Practice Tournament to get a feel for the upcoming ACBL NABC Robot Individual (November 20-22)  Congratulations to gretsky, who won out of a field of 2032 players. Scroll down to see all the prize winners. The actual NABC Robot Individual takes place over three days from Saturday November 20 through to Monday November 22. You should give it a go! All you need is one decent session to win some red/gold points. Find out all the tournament details here NABC Robot Practice Results Day 1 Practice Tournament 2 - full…

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