William Bleish wins the Fall 2023 NABC Robot Individual

The Fall 2023 NABC Robot Individual is over - hope you enjoyed the Tournament. Here are the final results.

Big congratulations go to the winner, William Bleish (78Jayhawk) from Lenexa, Kansas, USA. He came out on top, achieving an impressive score of 69.44%.

Closely behind, in second place is Bradley Furnish (KSKC) from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, with an overall score of 69.14%. Taking the third spot is Jorge Barrera (santafe) from Bogotá, Colombia, scoring 68.53%.

In Flight B, the top player is John Mayne (JRMayne) from Modesto, California, with a score of 65.44%. And, in Flight C, Chen Zhou (czhou186) from Naples, Florida, secures top spot with a score of 63.09%.

Congratulations to all 2174 players who took part in the tournament and made it a success. Check the complete rankings here to see where you placed!

Please share your thoughts, interesting hands or anecdotes from the tournament in the comments below.

Day one results

1st75.31%Mark McCarthymykaell1218.00
2nd72.49%Josh RosenbluthJoshRose13.50
3rd71.92%Guy Gechtgg50010.13

Day two results

1st73.19%John Hintonjohnhinton18.00
2nd71.77%Jorge Barrerasantafe13.50
3rd71.44%Bradley FurnishKSKC10.13

Day three results

1st74.85%Alex Perlinashdown418.00
2nd74.62%Steven Drewstevedrew13.50
3rd74.02%Ira Chorushchorush10.13

Overall results

1st69.44%William Bleish78Jayhawk48.00
2nd69.14%Bradley FurnishKSKC36.00
3rd69.14%Jorge Barrerasantafe27.00
Top Flight B65.44%John MayneJRMayne32.00
Top Flight C63.09%Chen Zhouczhou18624.00
3 comments on “William Bleish wins the Fall 2023 NABC Robot Individual”

    1. If it's done like the rest of the bbo tournaments then the field is divided into the top, middle, and bottom third of masterpoint holders (and it isn't listed anywhere).

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