BBO Cards of Kindness - Bridge Event

This week there's going to be fun and games laid on to pay homage to Thanksgiving. This is not limited though to our US based friends, this is for everyone. After all, a bit of kindness goes a long way at any time of year! There'll be a massive daylong tournament, free pairs tournaments, as well as premium ACBL sanctioned pairs games.

Cards of Kindness Free Robot Individual

This is going to be a great big tournament, open to everyone. It's a robot tournament, so you don't need a partner to play. Registration opens on Monday November 20, and the tournament kicks off on Thursday, November 23. It's free to play, Matchpoints with 16 boards. Click here to read more about the robot individual event.

Cards of Kindness - Free Pairs Tournaments

Spend an hour with friends in the two free pairs tournaments on Thursday 23 November. If you don’t have a partner, you'll be able to find one on the partnership desk, new friends are waiting for you there. The first 10 board tournament starts at 10AM and the second at 2PM (all times US Eastern).

Cards of Kindness ACBL World

Calling all you ACBL members out there. Come and celebrate Thanksgiving with friends on BBO and win masterpoints® and “thank you” gifts while you're at it. Here are the games you can play.

  • ACBL Speedball Pairs
  • ACBL Open Pairs
  • ACBL 0-499 Pairs
  • ACBL 0-1500 Pairs
  • ACBL Flighted Pairs

We hope that you can come and spend a few hours with friends on BBO, play some bridge and share some fun times together.

Let's Spread Some Kindness

Many of you will know diana_eva - she's been kind enough to share her very own heart warming story. Have a read and share your own tales of how playing bridge online has had a positive effect on your life too. 

15 comments on “BBO Cards of Kindness - Bridge Event”

  1. When I started playing, I was going to a drop-in center. The lady who ran it was amazing! It was very well run and she was an excellent player. We became friends and I learned a lot from her. I referred to her as my bridge guru. She sadly passed away at 101, may she rest in peace.

  2. BBO was a life saver during Covid, when our local club shutdown.
    We were invited to join the Central Illinois Virtual Club, even though we were in a different Unit. We made several friends, and were happy to meet some of them in person when their live Regional was held in Champaign, Illinois this year.

  3. I Have been playing bridge from 2007.its wonderful to organise such tournaments. please keep organising such tournaments . Keep it going BBO

  4. I'm playing BBO since I was a newbie, found my partner in bridge and life (my husband is my partner), teaching juniors, and now BBO is not just a place to play, it is a part of my happy life...

  5. Long ago, Bridge Base Online (BBO) became my world, my family. It all began with a simple desire to surprise my husband, leading me to create a BBO account for myself. While the initial surprise may not have worked out as planned, I found myself drawn into the world of online bridge.
    At first, I felt discouraged as I navigated the world of bridge on BBO. Many partners seemed reluctant to play with me because I was still learning the game. However, fate had other plans for me. One day, I met a kind Israeli player who patiently taught me the ins and outs of the SAYC system. Over time, I made more friends from Israel, Great Britain and USA, each of them sharing their knowledge and passion for the game.
    Little did I know that this journey would lead me to forge deep friendships with players from all over the world. I came to understand that bridge isn't just a card game; it's a bridge that connects partners and players from diverse backgrounds and countries.
    In the virtual theatre of vugraph, I had the privilege of encountering great players and commentators like Roland Waldk (Walddk), David Bird (brolucius), and Larry Cohen (LC) and many others. I soaked up their wisdom and bridge tricks simply by listening to their insightful comments.
    My friend Anna (anba) has had a positive impact on my journey into directing tournaments and learning more about bridge conventions. As a tournament director, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of the conventions used by players, as this knowledge allows me to ensure fair play and resolve any disputes that may arise during the games.
    If you have any specific questions or need further information about bridge conventions or tournament directing, feel free to ask and I will try to find the right answer for you!
    It can be disheartening when some Bridge Base Online (BBO) players don't seem to grasp that the rules are meant to be followed by everyone, including myself. However, it's important to maintain a positive outlook.
    Perhaps, with time and continued communication, more players will come to understand that BBO rules are there to create a level playing field for everyone, to promoting fair play and sportsmanship within the community.
    Today, I can proudly say that I have a multitude of dear friends from around the globe. One remarkable friend, Connie (pwqn), hailing from the USA, became more than just an online companion. She visited me in Romania twice, and we shared memorable days together. I vividly recall the night she was startled awake by what she thought were gunshots, only to discover it was a fireworks display, coinciding with the end of a Theatre Festival in our city.
    During Connie's visit, we, along with our friends Narcis and his wife, embarked on a memorable journey to the Turda Salt Mine in Transylvania. The underground world, transformed into a futuristic park, left us in awe.
    Despite being from the same country, I had known Diana for a long time, and we had never met in person until she invited us to Comarnic. There, I had the pleasure of meeting Sanya (curlss77) from Portugal, Georgi from Bulgaria, Flavius (Diana's husband), and the lovely Masha (Diana's sweet dog).

    Our adventures also took us to the famous Dracula Castle nearby. Although I'm sure you've heard of Dracula, I must confess that the narrow stone tunnel stairs triggered my first-ever panic attack. I was relieved when I finally saw daylight again.
    Our time in Comarnic and the neighbouring areas was nothing short of magical. I hope and pray that one day, we'll all have the chance to reunite and create more cherished memories together.
    But my BBO family extends far and wide, and there are many more friends whose stories I haven't even begun to share. Perhaps one day, I'll write a book to capture the incredible experiences and bonds that have been formed within this wonderful community.

    Thank you, BBO, for bringing this world of bridge and friendship into my life.

  6. BBO i? It s a great thing. It was absolutely wonderful during the covid days. It still is wonderful. I've met so many great people. I have had so much enjoyment from BBO. I still do. I've learned so much, from so many. Truly you are a refuge for many. If everyone played Bridge together, kindness and unity would spread around the world and replace hate. Thank you, BBO

  7. Have alittle sad storie to tell and i hope its true. Around 20 years ago i often played in the Total-points tournament on BBO it was about 15-20 pairs. I started to play with an unknown to me, after some rounds suddenly a nurse typed that my partner had been moved to a clinic and was very sick. I had to surrender but about a week later he was back and we managed to win the Tournament and he seemed to have it hard to type but made some signs. It was a nice win but sadly i got informed that he had died some time after that. But I was happy to maybe have given him some time away from his illness.

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