About 'Cards of Kindness' Robot Individual

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful BBO community! This November 23rd, join us for a special celebration of togetherness and gratitude.

The Cards of Kindness Robot Individual is a 16-boards tournament where each human players sits at a table, with a robot as a partner and two other robots as opponents.

  • Everyone has the same partner and the same opponents, which means the players are competing with each other in identical conditions, thus making the competition very "fair".
  • You do not need a partner to register.
  • All the bids are automatically explained (you can mouse over any bid to see what it means, including during the bidding).
  • You can register at any time during Thanksgiving Day, on November 23rd. The tournament expires at 3AM, US Eastern Time. Try to register with enough time in advance to have time to complete your boards.
  • You can stop and resume later if you need -- you will be able to click on the tournament to pick up where you left off, as long as you do so before the tournament ends, at 3AM.

Tournament specifics

  • 16 boards, Matchpoints scoring
  • Not best hand
  • Free entry
  • BB$ prizes to Top 100 finishers


  • 10 BB$ to each of Top 10 players
  • 5 BB$ to places 11 through 50
  • 1 BB$ to places 51 through 100


  • Results will be sent to your BBO Mailbox or they can be accessed in Recent Tournaments, in the History tab, once the Daylong is completed.
  • You can also see your provisional results as soon as you finished playing your boards, and check back for updates in the list of Completed tournaments.

Human Declares

  • The human player is switched into the North (Robot) seat whenever North is the declarer. The human player then declares the hand. When the hand is over, the human is switched back to his original seat.

Deal Pool

  • For every board in a Daylong tournament, we deal multiple instances. (ie Not everyone gets the same board 1, board 2, etc.) This is an anti cheating measure.

About the robots

  • The robots used on BBO are called GIB (Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer). You can find out more about GIB's bidding system by clicking here.
  • The GIBs used in BBO play a relatively simple and natural 2/1 bidding system.
    • You can find out the meaning of any bid by clicking on that bid as it appears in the bidding diagram.
    • Furthermore, when it is your turn to bid, moving your mouse over the buttons for the various possible bids will cause an explanation of the bid you are considering (as your GIB partner will understand it) to be displayed.
    • These explanations can be somewhat cryptic, but reading them carefully before you bid will help you to avoid misunderstandings with your GIB partner.

:maple_leaf: Share the joy of the season with the BBO community. Let’s create memorable moments together on this day of thanks! :maple_leaf:

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