NEW: ACBL Flighted Pairs at 5pm and 7pm every day

In response to popular demand, from Sunday, January 22 the new ACBL Flighted Pairs has replaced the 5pm and 7pm Speedball Pairs.

Many of you wanted more opportunities to play against opposition of a similar standard and flighted pair games allow for a more leveled playing field. Players are put into flights according to strength: the strongest pairs play in the top flight against other strong pairs, and the less experienced pairs play with their peers in their own flight.

How do I play?

Click ACBL World and look for the 5pm or 7pm ACBL Flighted Pairs. Registrations open two hours before start time.

This is an experiment, to see how popular these games are. For pairs who prefer the usual stratified pairs, all other Speedballs and 18-board Pairs games are unchanged. Feedback, comments, and suggestions are very welcome in the comment box below, or at

Pros and cons of flighted pairs

It’s nice to play in events against opponents who play at a similar level. There are fewer frustrations than you’ll get when playing against players much better, or much worse than yourself.  

Flighted pairs give you a bit of variety and if you’re a newish player, you’ll have a better chance to score well.

On the other hand, if you only play flighted games, some might say you’d be missing out on learning from stronger players. In that respect, you probably want to play both open and flighted pairs, to get the best of both worlds.

What's the difference between ACBL Flighted Pairs and stratified pairs?

In ACBL Flighted Pairs, you'll be split into 3 groups when the game starts, based on your Masterpoints; This way, you and your partner will be playing against pairs of roughly the same level as you. In a stratified tournament, you play against pairs of all levels, but then your Masterpoints award may be adjusted depending on your Masterpoints count.

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One comment on “NEW: ACBL Flighted Pairs at 5pm and 7pm every day”

  1. I can understand not being able to choose to play up because it would throw off the sections, but it would be nice to be able to know what flight we're in, so we can adjust our expectations from the opposition accordingly.

    Also, a little weird that Flight B awards are exactly the same as Flight C.

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