Tuesday: WBF Women's Festival - Winners & Reunion Tournament

WBF Women’s Online Autumn Festival 2022

Winners of the 2022 WBF Women’s Autumn Festival (November 14-20) will be officially announced on Tuesday, November 29 during a special WBF Women’s Festival Reunion tournament at 2PM EDT (8PM CET). The closing tournament is free but will be open only for the ladies who played at least once in WBF Women's Online Spring Festival 2022. Please join us in celebrating the winners! Look for host Women_Fest in the Free Tournaments area.

Participants have a chance to meet each other because the game will have video chat (click here to see how it works)! It is completely optional, but if you'd like to see your friends with whom we have been having fun for so many years, join the video chat and say hi.

For more information about the Festival please visit the International Women’s Online Bridge Club official site.

Overall Winners

RankBBO usernamePlayer name BB$ PrizeWBF Points
1FizzcatDeborah Smith$60200
2MarinTlcTracey Bauer$40140
3BulockPatricia Herrera$30100
4vicky82Virginia Chediak$2080
5taghaRubina Agha$2060
6emerJoyce Emer$1040
7sigthSigrun Th$1020
7DropkeJulienne Lemmens$1018
9 janeM055 Jane$1016
10tonibalesToni Bales$1014
11arielspAmy Mitura$514
12wiskey04Louise Nilsen$510
13pwqnConnie Marfell$59
13queen of hHelen Johnston$58
15theuerValerie Theuer$57
16ani123Anna Dosseva$36
17cmrljSilvana Rojko$35
18shersie3Sheryl Hobbs$34
19MnordgrenMaria Nordgren$34
20kaoruokaYayol Sakamoto$32
Indy (human) WinnersIndy (robot) WinnersPairs Winners
Rank | Player | Score I BB$ Prize
1. JaneM055– 2.45 - BB$10
2. theuer – 2.02 - BB$5
3. MarinTlc – 1.84 - BB$3
4. tagha- 1.76 - BB$3
5. tonibales- 1.37 - BB$3
Rank | Player | Score I BB$ Prize
1. Fizzcat – 6.21 - BB$10
2.  MarinTlc – 3.62 - BB$5
3. Bulock– 3.53 - BB$3
4. tagha - 2.96- BB$3
5. aeielsp - 2.31- BB$3
Rank | Player | Score I BB$ Prize
1. emer – 3.63- BB$10
3. vicky82 – 3.04 - BB$5
3. wiskey04– 3.00- BB$3
4. ani123 - 2.75 - BB$3
5. Fizzcat - 2.53 - BB$3


  • Signed certificates from the WBF for top 3 players in each event.
  • WBF Online Master Points will be awarded to leading 20 players in the overall classification.
  • BBO Points will be awarded based on the size of the field.
  • BB$ prizes will be assigned according to the rankings in each tournament, as well as for the overall classification.

You can find all the results here.

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One comment on “Tuesday: WBF Women's Festival - Winners & Reunion Tournament”

  1. Thank you for organizing….love participating in this event and all the friends that meet up twice a year.

    To the organizers you have put the final tournament to celebrate the winners during the ACBL North American Championships that are this week. To make matters worse you put it on the day of the Womens Pairs at the championships. Both Patricia and myself are here along with a dozen other women who participated.

    We will not make todays celebration.

    Very sad that this date was chosen.

    Tracey Bauer

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