Results and Winners Bidders Challenge 2022-11

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-11

A fairly high-scoring set this month, with an average score of 48.52, up from 44.87 last month. We also once again set a new record for entries, breaking last month’s standard of 3,244 by more than 300.

Leading the more than 3,700 BBO members who entered this month, we have a four-way tie for the win, with an impressive score of 79/80:

Alexander Cook (spade7) from Sydney, Australia

David Williams (dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales

Julian Wightwick (juliancb) from England and,

Stephen Merriman (smerriman) from New Zealand

Julian says, “I enjoy a decent club game at the Cambridge Bridge Club or online, and the occasional English National event with a sympathetic partner.”

Dave made the podium for the annual competition in 2021, finishing in third place. He was part of a three-way tie for the win in November last year, and this is his second victory this year. Now in his mid-50s, Dave originally trained as a mathematician but he recently retired after working for 21 years as a Youth Information and Advice Worker.

Stephen is a website developer who admits, “I have a guilty secret, in that while I've played online for many years, I've never been to a real life bridge club. I spend most of my bridge hours trying to reverse-engineer GIB's ‘thought’ process and how it could be improved, and posting in the BBO forums.”

Alexander has been playing competitive bridge for around 20 years. He is a versatile bidder, playing four systems with four partners - Standard American, 2-over-1, a strong club variant based on the original Polish Club; and Standard Modern Precision. He is currently lying second in the Australian Bridge Magazine bidding forum and leading the 2022 BBO annual competition with just one month remaining.

Also on the October 'Roll of Honour':

With a score of 77/80:

Mohan Attaluri (mohan_hal) from India,

Carlo Romani (alextf45) from Italy and,

John Stell (johnworf1) from England

With more than 3,700 entries this month, you need to score 68/80 or more to make the November leader-board, and honourable mentions go to all of those who managed that:

Julian Wightwick (Juliancb) From United Kingdom79
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom79
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia79
Stephen Merriman (Smerriman) From New Zealand79
Mohan Attaluri (Mohan_Hal) From India77
Carlo Romani (Alextf45) From Italy77
John Stell (Johnworf1) From United Kingdom77
Haihong Li (H3K) From United States76
Richard De Paulo (Rdepaulo) From United States76
Bertrand Hardy (Bertrand) From France76
Brad Theurer (Batmanbrad) From United States76
Peter Law (Petelaw) From United Kingdom76
Paul Dolphin (Pdolphin) From United Kingdom76
Douglas Schmickrath (P0Stm0Rtem) From United States76
Jacek Szczerba (Jotes1972) From Poland75
Sasha Cooper (Jinksy) From United Kingdom75
Galileo Violini (Wtrleo) From Italy75
Laura Mancini (801Dna) From France75
Mike Fay (Mouse75) From United Kingdom75
Stan Barg (Stanb) From United States74
Graham Osborne (Cannotputt) From United Kingdom74
Michael Van Gulik (Bananatree) From Canada74
Jon Sorkin (Jsorkin) From United States74
Shahar Zack (Shaharz) From Israel74
Susan Olshanski (Sbzo) From United States73
Brad Craig (Jodepp) From United States73
Jean Larocque (1Kingcobra) From Canada73
Jean La Traverse (Thrive) From Canada73
John Hetherington (Hethojohn) From Australia73
Margarita Angelou (Maggieme) From Greece73
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) From United States73
Andrew (Andy) Osborn (Andyo55) From United Kingdom73
Sarper Uslupehlivan (Sarpinsarp) From Turkey73
Veljko Vujcic (Sambolino) From Serbia73
Mark De Meer (Maanba) From Netherlands73
Robert Adelman (Bobade) From United States73
Elwindra Elwindra (Gabrialsew) From Indonesia73
Tufan KöSe (Capycino) From Turkey73
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore73
Bartosz Kopras (Kojman) From Poland73
Michael Coffey (Teabag1) From Ireland73
Leo Resk (Resker) From Canada73
James E Krekorian (Jimkrek) From United States72
Henk Prins (Henkj) From Netherlands72
Bhaskar Subramanian (Bhaski45) From India72
Mike Doecke (Wesleyc) From Australia72
Daniel Delestre (Tkcpdd) From France72
John Krueger (Estes05) From United States72
Kees Bakker (Keesbak) From Netherlands72
Rodney Lighton (Rrhino) From United Kingdom72
Cor Balfoort (Kingcur) From Netherlands72
Juliano Barbosa (Jbarbosa) From Portugal72
Vanni Nozzoli (Gelindos6) From Italy72
Jorge Castanheira (Jorel8) From Portugal72
Nancy Husted (Lovecoco) From United States71
Yu Chun-Li (Wjsn) From Taiwan71
Jorg Dombrowe (Jorg 4) From Spain71
Serkan Unal (Srknunal) From Turkey71
Liam Faherty (Liam43) From Ireland71
Arif Orhan (Ovirtue) From Turkey71
Babs Biesbrecht (Babsg) From Canada71
Jim Ritts (Rtscracker) From United States71
Stephen Cooper (Scoop) From Canada71
Malcolm Jarvis (Mjarvis46) From United States71
Milko Slavov (Milko_Sl) From Bulgaria71
Phyllis Pascal (Pascal1946) From Canada70
Mark Chappell (Mdjchap) From Spain70
Ivan Leung (Ivanleung) From United Kingdom70
Gianluca Bergami (Giangibar) From Switzerland70
Sam Miller (Samiam1) From United States70
Marek Malowidzki (Mosze) From Poland70
Fabio Carugati (Kounellis) From Italy70
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada70
Hans Van Der Heijde (001Hans) From Netherlands70
Jean-Philippe Weber (Hikerjp) From Canada70
Eddie Rose (Eddierose) From United States70
George Mattos (George Mat) From United States70
Dale Wisler (Dwislerbbo) From United States70
David Cole (Davidcole) From Germany70
Raj Agarwal (Badesh) From United States70
Dan Gheorghiu (Dang4503) From Canada70
Eric Javelot (Le Cobra) From France70
Steven Jocker (Steven2345) From Taiwan70
Tom Schlangen (Thetreat) From United States70
Matteo Cleef (Matteovc) From Netherlands70
Rainer Retzler (Rainer13) From Romania70
Hal Montgomery (Phlpdx) From United States69
Amy Casanova (Cricket75) From United States69
Vincent Perez (Vinch1971) From France69
Davide Gentile (Rok2000) From Italy69
Erdem Ozturk (Brdgbegin) From Turkey69
Janez Pavsek (Jpavsek) From Slovenia69
Marek Jarosz (Jarosz) From Poland69
Okan Özcan (Gr8Okan) From Turkey69
Ivan Bilušić (Shaymin29) From Croatia69
Bogdan Vulcan (Hefaistos) From Romania69
Bruce Cameron (Brucecame) From Canada69
Kristian Frimer (Kristianf) From Denmark69
Bob Boudreau (Bonafide57) From United States69
John Stoppiello (Stoppiello) From United States69
Cristiano Valsega (Crivals) From Italy69
Arvind Sharma (Asharmabbo) From United States69
Ugurcan Suzer (Fulhouse) From Turkey69
Pablo Larrieux (Plarrieux) From Brazil69
Ksenija Ƒåare (Xenja) From Slovenia69
Tugrul Afsar (Hkn85) From Turkey69
George Viens (Georgevien) From United States69
Morrie Kleinplatz (Amulet1) From Canada69
Steve Male (Stevemale) From United Kingdom69
Jaap Stomphorst (Jaapst) From Netherlands69
Alex Green (Galexy) From Australia69
Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) From Chile69
Bob Gorsey (Bobgorsey) From United States69
Jacob Freeman (Jacob04) From Canada69
Michael Cockerell (Yam Gnow) From Canada69
Peter Lipp (Pio_Magic) From Austria69
Mark Honess (Markhon) From United Kingdom68
Frank Paaskesen (Fampaaske) From Denmark68
Robert Pratt (Rjp10) From Canada68
Al Sheasby (Das1952) From Canada68
Dani Woods (Woodsbridg) From United States68
Chris Vinall (Chrisv) From Australia68
Xu Li (Xu_Sunrise) From United States68
Eliahu Ratner (Nedocent) From Israel68
Theo Groenewold (Theo_53) From Netherlands68
João Paes De Carvalho (Xarman) From Portugal68
Md Alauddin (Alo107) From Bangladesh68
Marielle Hitti (Mia 7) From Lebanon68
Chung-Chieh Yu (Jacky11420) From Taiwan68
Mary Dwyer (Maryldwyer) From Australia68
Richard Cohen (Rwcohen) From United States68
Atle Grefstad (Atlerich) From Norway68
Jacques Veenstra (Jveenstra) From Netherlands68
Atilla Aday (Glint) From Turkey68
Cristina Pouseiro (Tina1975) From Portugal68
Earle Fergusson (Fergus) From Canada68
Turlete Liviu (50Liviu) From Romania68
Rasmus Maide (Dst463) From Finland68
Ralph Palache (Ralph999) From United Kingdom68
Adrian Pang (Mp7601) From Hong Kong68
Jaan Kristjan Kaasik (Miilits) From Estonia68
Levi Ramos (Levis24) From Portugal68
Sitharthan Nagarajan (Sitharthan) From India68
Johanne Powell (Jopow) From Ireland68
Peter Lakatos (Nyul11) From Hungary68

The 2022 Annual Competition Leaders (after 11 months)

You need a running total of 495 (an average of 55 of more) to make the annual competition leader-board with just one month remaining, which means that about 100 players make the list.

The big winner this month is Alexander, whose 79/80 not only earns him a tie for the win in the monthly competition, but catapults him from third place to the top of the leader-board. Dave also scores 79/80, and he moves up into a tie for second place. The 2021 champion, Luwen, climbs up into a ties for fourth place alongside Ian. A 76/80 from Pete lifts him up into sixth spot. The two medallist from 2021, Hanoi, is in eighth.

With less than 20 points separating first and eighth, anyone in that group can still mathematically claim a podium place this year. It is highly commendable that all eight are averaging in excess of 71.5/80 over their best nine scores.

Any one of the top six can still finish as champion. With a 67 as his lowest counting score (Alexander has 70 as his and Dave 69) Francois is theoretically in poll position, as he can guarantee victory with a perfect 80/80 in December’s competition. However, Alexander’s two-point lead means that he will finish ahead of them both if he outscores them by 2 points. If they all fall short in any way, one of the chasing three could take the title in the run down the final straight. It’s all very tight, and everyone near the top of the leader-board is to be highly commended for their remarkably consistent performance throughout the year.

Alexander Cook (spade7) from Sydney, Australia662
David Williams (dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales660
Francois Duffour (toutmo) from Paris, France660
Ian T Findlay (findles) from Banff AB Canada654
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) from Singapore654
Peter Law (petelaw) from Broadstairs649
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India645
Hanoi A Rondon (hanoi5) from Providencia641
Douglas Schmickrath (P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA, USA634
Milko Slavov (milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria621
Pär Ol-Mårs (olmar) from Sweden616
Dan Gheorghiu (DanG4503) from Victoria, BC, Canada615
peter lakatos (nyul11) from Budapest615
Laura Mancini (801dna) from Paris France614
Babs Giesbrecht (bABsG) from Canada610
Va Ena (fachiru) from Taos NM608
Michael van Gulik (Bananatree) from Belleville Canada607
Brad Theurer (batmanbrad) from Gaithersburg, MD USA603
Juliano Barbosa (JBarbosa) from Seixal Portugal603
John Stell (johnworf1) from United Kingdom600
Shahar Zack (shaharz) from kiryat motzkin598
Adrian Pang (MP7601) from Hong Kong, China597
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) from United Kingdom596
Paul Dubois (pottsca) from El Cajon, CA USA594
Patrick Shields (patr1cks) from Cheltenham593
Claude Candillier (capri13) from Peyrolles en Provence, France 590
John MacGregor (johnmacg) from Halifax, NS587
Bert Hackney (toast1) from United States587
Capri Bucci (atp13) from Rome Italy585
John R Mayne (JRMayne) from Modesto, CA, USA585
Josh Sinnett (oshoj) from Bellingham, WA, United States584
Leo Resk (Resker) From Canada581
Enhao Du (diandian23) from Newbury Park, USA580
Jarek Langer (jarek444) from Austin TX USA576
Stephen Goldstein (Sdvdg) From United States575
Manuel Oliveira (m oliveira) from Estoril - Portugal569
Chen-Dann Lu (CDLU) from Taiwan569
Mark Chen (Mark_Chen) From United States568
Adam Magyar (Sundiszno) from Budapest564
Gianni Hsieh (wakanari) from Sammamish561
Daniel Klein (drdnmnk) from Victoria, B.C., Canada561
Mostafa Mohamed (therudy) from Fort Lee560
Robert Lavin (Bridgboy1) From United States559
Lei Tsui (ltsui10) from United States558
Athanasiadis Alex (alati) from Thessaloniki, Greece557
Rasmus Maide (dst463) from Espoo, Finland557
GEORGE WANG (ggnaw) from United States555
Alex Green (Galexy) from Sydney Australia551
Stephen Kwan (sk1958) from Toronto/Canada548
Howard Stern (hstern) from United States547
Mani Gupta (Manig) from USA545
Raj Agarwal (badesh) from Cambridge, MA, USA544
Niklas Carlsson (19niklas69) from Sweden542
David Johnson (davidmj) from Calgary Canada539
John C Osher (J5280) from Denver539
Marian Tomov (Marit) from Bulgaria539
Ioannis Exarchos (Jexa_) from Greece539
Ugis Jansons (ugisj) from Latvia538
Timothy Prior (brimstone) from United Kingdom537
Rishabh Singh (rishabh) from San Jose535
Stephen Merriman (smerriman) from New Zealand535
Andreas Persson (Rosengatan) from Mullsjö533
Michael Fay (Mouse75) from United Kingdom532
John Leonard (jl07702) from United States531
gaston mejane (decour) from France531
Yongjun Lu (ottawa2008) from Canada531
Jean-Luc Lachance (jllachan) from Canada530
C Billiet (cbilliet) from Netherlands530
Andrzej Stankiewicz (south66) from Poland530
Jean-Marie Arnaud (jmarnaud51) from France530
Earle Fergusson (Fergus) from Canada528
Jim Ritts (rtscracker) from United States528
Nikolaos (nikrek) from Papamichalopoulos526
Eddie Rose (EddieRose) from United States521
Benjamin Bomber (soccertoo) from Portland518
Gregory LeBlanc (gnlblnc151) from United States517
Dann Brunebjerg (b50911) from Denmark516
Galtier Jean (eyquem) from France516
Mark Bennett (upstate) from United States515
Arto Kosonen (Aarrttoo) from Finland515
Dave Bugay (hikerdave1) from United States515
Jim Norton (jimnorton) from United States514
Karle Joys (kjoys) from Canada513
peter hudson (p_t_red) from Coppell513
Lee Weinberger (shoonrah) from United States512
Erez Zadik (erezz) from Israel511
Rumen Georgiev (RBG) from United States511
Charles Nudelman (soxguy) from Northbrook,IIllinois511
Michael Aslett (mjaslett) from United Kingdom509
Thanassis Akylas (aakylas) from Greece508
James Sampson (jtsamp1) from Lake Worth508
Rosaleen Glasheen (Remlagh) from Ireland508
Matt Weingarten (coolbeans) from United States506
Paul Sontag (Pgs58) From Canada506
Ashot Harutunyan (ashoth_14) from Canada505
Tobias Bern (xtober) from Sweden505
Richard Bickley (sheer luck) from Canada505
Peter Lipp (pio_magic) from Austria505
Gjivo Tikvica (KhazadDoom) from Croatia503
stuart carr (vanstu) from Canada502
Koichi Takahashi (takahasir) from Japan501
Eamon Galligan (eamongall) from Ireland500
Brian DeLong (Goose231) from Canada499
S k Garg (gargsk) from India498
kresten kristensen (kesse) from Denmark498
borislav dobroykov (b_dobroyko) from Drogheda497
Nick Roubeglis (Rglis) from Greece497
Taavi Toomere (taavi) from Estonia497
Kinpin Chu (xh2072) from China497
Jan Spiess (JanDoko) from Germany496
Lovász Péter (ZsofiKrist) from Hungary495

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