Results and Winners Bidders Challenge 2023-12

The Top Bidders for Set 2023-12

This was another tough set, with the most popular choice of the competition entrants scoring a ‘10’ on only one hand. The average score was a respectable 45.26, but voting with the most popular choice of competition entrants on every deal would have scored only 45/80.  

We have three co-winners this month, with a score of 79/80:

Paul Dubois (pottsca) from San Diego CA, USA
David Williams (dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales, and
Owen Lien (olien) from USA

Also on the December 'Roll of Honor’ with a score of 77/80:

Emanuel Unge (EmanuelU) from Sweden,
Peter Law (petelaw) from Broadstairs, Kent, England,
Alexander Cook (spade70) from Australia,
Michael van Gulik (bananatree) from Canada,
Lysandra Zheng (Opal_P) from New Zealand, and
Bartosz Kopras (kojman) from Poland

As this was a fairly difficult set, a score of 68/80 or higher in needed to make it onto the leader board this month. Congratulations to everyone who makes the list.

Owen Lien (Olien) From United States79
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom79
Paul Dubois (Pottsca) From United States79
Emanuel Unge (Emanuelu) From Sweden77
Lysandra Zheng (Opal_P) From New Zealand77
Bartosz Kopras (Kojman) From Poland77
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia77
Michael Van Gulik (Bananatree) From Canada77
Peter Law (Petelaw) From United Kingdom77
Felix Zimmermann (400 Volt) From Germany76
Pedro Gonçalves (Pgonsalvs) From Spain76
Gianluca Bergami (Giangibar) From Switzerland76
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore76
Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) From Chile76
Suraj Das (Suraj Das) From India75
Michael Palitsch-Infanger (Angel_6) From Austria75
Xiao Hu (Mild7) From China75
Stephen Merriman (Smerriman) From New Zealand75
Enhao Du (Diandian23) From United States75
Todd Holes (Masse24) From United States75
Vuk Trnavac (Tv Majstor) From Serbia74
Jérôme Rombaut (Jerome) From France74
Bob Boudreau (Bonafide57) From United States74
Julian Wightwick (Juliancb) From United Kingdom74
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) From United States74
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada74
Valter Boetti (Monbay) From Italy73
Yizhou Liu (Liuyizhou) From China73
Steve Allen (Steveallen) From United Kingdom73
Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) From Hong Kong73
Claus Hastrup (Cphastrup) From Denmark73
Ilia Iliev (Zape1) From Bulgaria72
Steve Ray (Steveray) From France72
Jonathan Ferguson (Jonottawa) From Canada72
Jingrong Ran (Helen Ran) From China72
Phil Pecsok (Golf4Me) From United States72
Nikos Roubeglis (Rglis) From Greece72
Rainer Retzler (Rainer13) From Romania72
Kevin Ong (Qwerz) From Singapore72
Aymeric Lebatteux (Voldenuit) From France72
Cem Yigit Aga (Dracem) From Turkey71
Kevin Wu (Kevinwu777) From Taiwan71
Mircea-Sergiu Lupu (Sergiu) From France71
Jinlong Zhao (Jinlong1) From Japan71
Cheng Luo (Iverson200) From Singapore71
Olga Pavlushko (Lisaalisa) From Spain71
Ion Popa (Ionpopa) From Romania71
Fikri Ugur (Fikri) From Turkey71
Stephen Kornegay (Stevekgy) From United States71
Ekrem Serdar (Exerdar) From Turkey71
Arvind Srinivasan (Arvinds) From India71
Teodor Velkov (Tocko) From Finland71
Barbara Drinovec (Drinab) From Slovenia71
Francesco Badolato (Bengio) From Italy71
Jim Streisand (Strei1) From United States71
Soner Kayabas (Focad) From Turkey70
Ömer Kızılok (Gravity) From Turkey70
Ugur Tasman (Mansatu) From Turkey70
Michael Janochko (Mikey70) From Ukraine70
Aleksander Wład (Black_Fury) From Poland70
Ivar Beijl (Ivar69) From Netherlands70
Kang-Wei Fan (Firebolt) From Taiwan70
Ivan Bilušić (Shaymin29) From Croatia70
Adrian Pang (Mp7601) From Hong Kong70
Erez Zadik (Erezz) From Israel70
Chris Plunkett (Cmcap) From United Kingdom70
Sedat Aluf (Monk99) From Turkey70
Lei Tsui (Ltsui10) From United States70
Guillaume Tujague (Tujon) From France70
Rodica Guja (K13Jan) From Austria69
Alain Lepertel (Distri) From France69
Lin Three (Linthree) From Canada69
Nok Yin Lee (Leenokyin) From Hong Kong69
Ines Russo (Inesz) From Portugal69
Alex Hogg (Hoglet) From United Kingdom69
Tony Dolphin (Tony79) From United Kingdom69
Peter Schwartz (Farouks) From Canada69
Ruud Heij (Ruud56A) From Netherlands69
Sotirios Goulas (Sotitos) From Greece69
Bhabesh Saha (Bhabesh) From India69
Vartanovici Nicolae (Mikend) From Romania69
Alexander Dietrich (Evernever) From Germany69
Dominique Alexandre (Alexo79) From France69
Joseph Clark (Joe0) From United Kingdom69
Shahar Zack (Shaharz) From Israel69
Steve Merovitz (Stevemonk) From Canada69
Lee Weinberger (Shoonrah) From United States69
Åsmund Formifetten (Rfraas) From Australia68
Boyan Stefanov (Bo_St) From Bulgaria68
Prabhakara Rao Konda (Prkonda) From United States68
Aykut Aksu (Axu) From Turkey68
Mike Passell (Passel) From United States68
Kevin Mayville (Kmay65) From United States68
John Berger (Jberg21) From Norway68
Luca Crone (Bobz123) From Ireland68
John Helge Herland (John_Helge) From Norway68
Andrei Eckstein (Arnhem) From Romania68
Barry Jones (Barry) From New Zealand68
Jonathan Richards (Jonny_R) From United Kingdom68
J.N. Wang (Uncle00) From China68
Dorin Costin (Dorin001) From Canada68
Thomas Christensen (Tbc69) From Denmark68
Alan Shillitoe (The Saint) From United Kingdom68
Maxim Silin (Bigmax) From United States68
Andreas Meramveliotakis (Kleze) From Greece68
Sasha Cooper (Jinksy) From Netherlands68
Peter Becker (Pebe) From Germany68
Kevin Podsiadlik (Kjpod) From United States68
Luis Folque (Luis Carlo) From Portugal68
Mike Blancher (Orogen) From Canada68
Koen Grauwels (Kgr) From Belgium68
Mark Chen (Mark_Chen) From United States68
Stephen Cooper (Scoop) From Canada68
Pär Ol-Mårs (Olmar) From Sweden68
Brad Theurer (Batmanbrad) From United States68
John Macgregor (Johnmacg) From Canada68
Morrie Kleinplatz (Amulet1) From Canada68

The 2023 Annual Competition Winners

The Overall results are in for the Bidders Challenge 2023. Thanks to the thousands of you who took part over the course of the year, and for making the competition such a close run thing.

Special congratulations go to the players who made the podium!

It is fitting that Dave Williams should finish this year as one of the co-winners of the December set. Over the three years of this competition, he has been the most consistent bidder, finishing third in the 2021 annual competition and fourth last year. This year, he leads the field with a larger winning margin (9 points) than any of the previous winners. Congratulations, too, to the other two players who made the podium. Paul Bodreau was amongst the leaders throughout the year, and Alexander Cook, the reigning champion from last year, put in another impressive performance. All three players on the podium returned an average score in excess of 75/80 over their best nine scores during the year. “Chapeau” to all three of you.

David Williams from Llangollen, Wales

Paul Boudreau from Los Angeles CA, USA and Alexander Cook from Sydney, Australia

A couple of other players are also deserving of a special mention. Ian Findlay is again the leading Canadian, and another one who has demonstrated remarkable consistency throughout the three years of this competition, finishing sixth, fifth and, this year, fourth. The other two podium finishers from 2021, winner Luwen Koh from Singapore and second-placed Hanoi Rondon from Chile, both finished in the Top 10 for the third consecutive year. And, finally, one of my students, Paul Dubois, who does not claim to be an expert player. Paul not only shared the win in this month's competition, but also finished a highly commendable 15th overall despite missing the first month of the year and thus having only eleven counting scores. I hope that the many sessions he has spent with me, working mostly on competitive bidding and slam auctions, has helped.

Congratulations are due to everyone who finished in the Top 20, for which you needed an average score exceeding 71.66/80 over your nine best scores. Impressive bidding over the course of the year by all of those players.

Indeed, well done to everyone who made the annual competition leader-board.  You need an average score of 60/80 or more (ie a total of 540 from your best nine scores) to make that list, which represents around the top 120 bidders from amongst the many thousands who have taken part every month.

PlayerTotal 9 Best Scores
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom689
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) From United States680
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia679
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada675
Bob Boudreau (Bonafide57) From United States674
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore673
Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) From Hong Kong669
Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) From Chile665
Michael Van Gulik (Bananatree) From Canada662
Jim Streisand (Strei1) From United States661
Arif Özer Orhan (Ovirtue) From Turkey660
Stephen Merriman (Smerriman) From New Zealand656
Todd Holes (Masse24) From United States656
John Lusky (Pachyderms) From United States656
Enhao Du (Diandian23) From United States653
Paul Dubois (Pottsca) From United States653
Bartosz Kopras (Kojman) From Poland652
Pedro Gonçalves (Pgonsalvs) From Spain651
Peter Law (Petelaw) From United Kingdom647
François Duffour (Toutmo) From France645
Claus Hastrup (Cphastrup) From Denmark645
Sedat Aluf (Monk99) From Turkey642
Morrie Kleinplatz (Amulet1) From Canada639
Brad Theurer (Batmanbrad) From United States634
Gianluca Bergami (Giangibar) From Switzerland634
Jonathan Ferguson (Jonottawa) From Canada633
Milko Slavov (Milko_Sl) From Bulgaria632
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (Rv) From India628
Jorge Barrera (Santafe) From Colombia627
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) From United Kingdom626
Francesco Masini (Gosto56) From Italy624
Veljko Vujcic (Sambolino) From Serbia623
Dawei Chen (Dcosh) From Japan623
João Fanha (Jfanha) From Portugal623
Capri Bucci (Atp13) From Italy622
Dan Gheorghiu (Dang4503) From Canada622
Kang-Wei Fan (Firebolt) From Taiwan621
Stelios Touchtidis (Stelios_T) From United States620
Stephen Cooper (Scoop) From Canada620
Barry Bragin (Bbragin) From United States620
Lei Tsui (Ltsui10) From United States619
Andreas Meramveliotakis (Kleze) From Greece617
Gareth Birdsall (Gareth) From United Kingdom617
Laura Mancini (801Dna) From France616
Merijn Groenenboom (Merijng) From Netherlands616
Jingrong Ran (Helen Ran) From China614
Claude Candillier (Capri13) From France614
Alex Kolesnik (Kolesnik) From United States613
Dorin Costin (Dorin001) From Canada613
Patrick Shields (Patr1Cks) From United Kingdom611
Bert Eccles (Benellis58) From Canada611
Alexander Dietrich (Evernever) From Germany611
Maxim Silin (Bigmax) From United States610
Julian Wightwick (Juliancb) From United Kingdom610
Arseny Shur (Kammerer) From Israel609
Charles Milne (Pooch4) From Canada608
Wes Hanson (Whist71) From United States608
Adam Pawłowski (Adameba) From Poland608
Mark Chen (Mark_Chen) From United States608
John Rengstorff (Jtorff) From United States608
Ekrem Serdar (Exerdar) From Turkey608
John Bryden (Tw0Wayhook) From Canada607
John R Mayne (Jrmayne) From United States607
Fikri Ugur (Fikri) From Turkey607
Earle Fergusson (Fergus) From Canada607
Olivier Metzdorff (Meol) From France605
Javier Bertran (Patomaquet) From Spain605
Juliano Barbosa (Jbarbosa) From Portugal605
Prahalad Rajkumar (R_Prah) From India605
Igor Grzejdziak (Igorg) From Poland605
Joseph Clark (Joe0) From United Kingdom603
Peter Lieberman (Plieber) From United States603
Alexey Pyzh (Pyzh) From Ukraine601
Nikos Roubeglis (Rglis) From Greece601
Ronald Vickery (Rvickery) From United States601
Craig Cordes (Tallmath) From United States600
Hans Van Der Heijde (001Hans) From Netherlands600
Milorad Radojević (Zmaj) From Serbia600
Howard Stern (Hstern) From United States599
Josh Sinnett (Oshoj) From United States599
John Garrison (Jgarris) From United States599
Jon Sorkin (Jsorkin) From United States598
David Birnbaum (Dbirnbaum) From United States595
Andreas Jansen (Andymanvif) From Norway594
Robert Giragosian (Agman) From United States594
George Mattos (George Mat) From United States594
Rodney Lighton (Rrhino) From United Kingdom593
Christian Mari (Tibo7) From France592
Kevin Podsiadlik (Kjpod) From United States590
Bertrand Hardy (Bertrand) From France590
Arvind Srinivasan (Arvinds) From India590
Tomasz Modrzejewski (Tommodrzej) From Poland590
Babs Giesbrecht (Babsg) From Canada589
Ugis Jansons (Ugisj) From Latvia589
Shahar Zack (Shaharz) From Israel589
Adrian Pang (Mp7601) From Hong Kong588
W Crook (Avadakedav) From United Kingdom588
Christer Kristoffersen (Stoffers) From Norway587
Fabio Lopresti (Spenny80) From Italy587
Artem Poliak (Poliart) From Ukraine585
Jean-Michel Boivin (Jim92) From France585
Thomas Christensen (Tbc69) From Denmark585
Robbie De Koster (Robbiedk) From Netherlands585
Kinpin Chu (Xh2072) From China584
Ignacio Jover (Nachojc) From Spain584
Serban Criscota (Dodog) From Romania583
Roberto Martinez (Ybob) From Uruguay582
John Stell (Johnworf1) From United Kingdom581
Jack Yuan (Kudouyzy) From United States581
Bill Wisdom (Billywiz) From United States581
Luis Folque (Luis Carlo) From Portugal581
Georgi Georgiev (Nonio) From Bulgaria581
Sasha Cooper (Jinksy) From Netherlands580
John Macgregor (Johnmacg) From Canada580
Babs Giesbrecht (Babsg) From Canada580
Lazaros Karagiannopoulos (Lazkar) From Greece579
Stuart Bramzel (Stuzel) From United Kingdom579
Peter Lindon (Plidstone) From United Kingdom579
Alex Hogg (Hoglet) From United Kingdom579
Alan Shillitoe (The Saint) From United Kingdom578
Omer Onem (F2G) From Turkey578
Paul Sontag (Pgs58) From Canada578
John Leonard (Jl07702) From United States577
Mike Passell (Passell) From United States577
Tom Schlangen (Thetreat) From United States576
Stephen Vogel (Shvogel2) From United States576
Raj Agarwal (Badesh) From United States575
Ned Irving (Mrned2) From United States575
Stephen Kornegay (Stevekgy) From United States575
Herstein Liu (Herstein) From Taiwan575
Ronald Mak (Maktruck) From United States575
Tiit Hendrik Piibeleht (Tiiduke) From Estonia574
Iasonas Iraklis Papaspyrou (Hercules J) From Greece574
Rajendra Sirohia (Sirohiaraj) From India573
Michael Penick (Mpp8) From United States572
Sheldon Spier (Shel1224) From Canada571
Parvulescu Lucian (Plucian) From Romania571
Gheorghe Valeriu (Ppvv123) From Romania571
Frank Blachowski (Blachowski) From United States571
Robert Defreyne (Duff1964) From Canada570
Koen Grauwels (Kgr) From Belgium570
Yoram Bavli (Gur) From Israel570
Nuno Quaresma (Quaqua2) From Portugal570
Paolo Romanello (Heart76) From Norway569
Nick Stevens (Scottie9) From United Kingdom567
John Markakis (Markedo) From Greece567
Sayeed Ahmed (Sa001) From Bangladesh567
Rick Prouser (Rickprou) From United States567
Erez Zadik (Erezz) From Israel565
Alex Dialynas (Adial) From Greece565
Oleg Dolgikh (Olegdolgik) From United States565
Yannis Yannakis (Drysf) From Greece564
Aymeric Lebatteux (Voldenuit) From France564
Barbara Drinovec (Drinab) From Slovenia563
Francesco Badolato (Bengio) From Italy563
Sherif Noshy (Chiccco) From Egypt562
Leandro Ronderos (Dosxtres) From Spain562
Va Ena (Fachiru) From United States561
Emrah Sen (The_Wall) From Turkey561
John Patterson (Trump68) From New Zealand560
Hal Montgomery (Phlpdx) From United States560
Fabio Carugati (Kounellis) From Italy558
Rolf Selander (Rolfseland) From Sweden558
Tuncer Sengoz (Tunci) From Turkey558
John Bugay (Hikerdave1) From United States557
Uli Staber (Uli_Staber) From Germany557
Steven Hollingsworth (Trialbid) From United States557
Thijs Veugen (Tveugen) From Netherlands557
Alex Athanasiadis (Alati) From Greece556
Derek Maggs (Robbroy) From Portugal556
Manolis Dialynas (Zeus2077) From Greece556
Paul Dolphin (Pdolphin) From United Kingdom556
Vincent Perez (Vinch1971) From France555
Seyyit Ünlüçay (Sanzatos) From Turkey555
Bob Lyon (Mrlyonking) From United States555
Gregory Leblanc (Gnlblnc151) From United States555
Dominic Connolly (Thearb) From United Kingdom555
Ambra Morelli (Asia_72) From Italy555
Peter Teisen (Tyson111) From Denmark555
Sandy Barnes (Sandybar) From United States554
Yuchih Lin (Yogiooigoy) From Taiwan553
Rumen Georgiev (Rbg) From United States553
Kenneth Tatz (Tater11) From United States553
David Curnow (Davidtal) From United Kingdom553
Thomas Terzian (Rmenian) From United States552
Recai Saylik (Denizs) From Turkey552
Jerry Jacobson (Punxsyphil) From United States552
Emil Atanasov (Emo58) From Bulgaria552
Pieter Poel (Pieter_P) From Canada552
Sridhar Vee (Aiz) From India552
Md Alauddin (Alo107) From Bangladesh552
Chen-Dann Lu (Cdlu) From United States552
Gaston Mejane (Decour) From France552
Örjan Törnblom (Unperfect) From Sweden551
Vanni Nozzoli (Gelindos6) From Italy551
Richard Higgins (Arkrich) From United States551
W.H. Fok (Edwardfok) From Hong Kong551
Sheldon Natenberg (Shellyn) From United States551
Briciu Marius (Mariusb) From Romania551
Kursat Özşahin (Vbman) From Turkey550
Jarek Langer (Jarek444) From United States550
Mingzhe Li (Noner) From China550
Kostiantyn Melnikov (Xlmel) From Ukraine549
Graham Cox (Grahamcox) From United Kingdom549
Steve Handley (Steve H) From United States549
Blair Hoffman (Bwhoffman) From United States549
Jaap Stomphorst (Jaapst) From Netherlands549
Manuel Oliveira (M Oliveira) From Portugal548
Kana Kana (Kanakana) From Japan548
Stuart Carr (Vanstu) From Canada547
Ernie Szavay (Eel007007) From Canada547
Jyrki Lahtonen (Jyrki_63) From Finland547
Ricardo Serrano (Rijase) From Ecuador547
Rainer Retzler (Rainer13) From Romania547
John Klayman (Thesqueeze) From United States546
Willem Mevius (Willemm) From France545
Guoqiang Meng (Menggq) From China545
Jay Weinstein (Microcap) From United States545
Simon Richards (Simonr) From United Kingdom545
Lee Weinberger (Shoonrah) From United States545
Romy Virola (Tamaraw20) From Philippines545
Guillaume Tujague (Tujon) From France545
Gregg Deitch (Gdeitch) From United States545
Robert Lavin (Bridgboy1) From United States544
Pavel Zhylko (Pavelz) From Lithuania544
Jean-Marie Arnaud (Jmarnaud51) From France544
Deborah Richards (Debbie57) From United Kingdom544
Hema Adhikary (Ha53) From Germany544
Máté Jánosik (Jmatthew) From Hungary544
Niklas Carlsson (19Niklas69) From Sweden543
Peter Zelnik (Pezimaci) From Austria542
Stephen Kwan (Sk1958) From Canada542
Lawrence Wang (Lawrence94) From United Kingdom542
Brian Nielsen (Simbas7) From Denmark542
Georg Senzenberger (GESE1) From Austria542
Len Helfgott (Lenh48) From United States542
Carles Acero (Orzuelo) From Spain541
Corey Cole (Coreycole) From United States541
Jim Ritts (Rtscracker) From United States541
John Kloke Ii (Johnkloke) From United States541
Neil Montague (Neilm123) From United States541
Ken Rae (Shelti) From United Kingdom540
Mark De Meer (Maanba) From United Arab Emirates540
George Wang (Ggnaw) From United States540
Akiel Almadi (Akiel) From United Arab Emirates540

The Fall Seasonal Winners

Congratulations to all four players, who came away with the spoils in the quarterly competition. Special congratulations go to Alexander Cook and Dave Williams who came top with a whopping average of 77/80 over the last three months.

PlayerRound 10Round 11Round 12Quarterly Total
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia787677231
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom787479231
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore767576227
Jim Streisand (Strei1) From United States807671227

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