Results and Winners Bidders Challenge 2022-10

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-10

A slightly easier set this month perhaps, with an average score of 44.87, up from 41.1 last month. We also smashed the previous record for entries, set in May 2022, adding more than 50% to that record, with over 3,000 BBO members entering this month’s competition. Leading the way, we have a three-way tie for the win this month, with a score of 78/80 points:

Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) from Hong Kong,

Ken Penton (Panorama) from Canada and,

Mehmet Ertinas (Ertinas) from Turkey

Vincent, originally from Hong Kong and currently a student in Munich, Germany, may be our youngest ever winner. He is 27 and started learning to play 11 years ago. He describes himself as “a casual player who likes playing with robots in my leisure time”.

Ken says, “I played fairly competitively in the 70's and early 80's, playing in the Canadian team finals and representing our district in the GNT finals in Nashville. However, I slowed to a crawl with family and career and now just play occasionally, but I do like these bidding contests just to see how I compare.” Fairly well, it would seem, Ken!

Also on the October 'Roll of Honour':

With a score of 77/80:

Filippo Cavallari (Filebb) from Italy,

Kursat Ozsahin (Vbman) from Turkey and,

Haiping Yan (Haiping) from the United States

You need to score 67/80 or more to make the October leader-board, and honourable mentions go to all of those who managed that:

Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) From Hong Kong78
Ken Penton (Panorama) From Canada78
Mehmet Ertinas (Ertinas) From Turkey78
Filippo Cavallari (Filebb) From Italy77
Kursat Ozsahin (Vbman) From Turkey77
Haiping Yan (Haiping) From United States77
Martin Bootsma (Martb77) From Netherlands76
Jarek Langer (Jarek444) From United States76
Sarper Uslupehlivan (Sarpinsarp) From Turkey75
Franz Terraneo (Saurus53) From Austria75
Jim Streisand (Strei1) From United States75
Herstein Liu (Herstein) From Taiwan75
Tomas Pedro Pokorni (Topoko) From Argentina74
Gillian Paty (Caldeius) From France74
Jon Sorkin (Jsorkin) From United States74
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada74
Patrick Shields (Patr1Cks) From United Kingdom74
Andrew Markowitz (Chinacat52) From United States73
Daniel Delestre (Tkcpdd) From France73
Sherif Noshy (Chiccco) From Egypt73
Danan Cao (Caodanan) From China73
Dialynas Aledoubleios (Adial) From Greece73
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom73
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (Rv) From India73
Emre Akkaya (Emre221) From Netherlands72
Arda Kabaca (Ardaak47) From Turkey72
Srdjan Richter (Srdjan) From Croatia72
Antonio Kotsev (Asc) From Bulgaria72
Wen Liu (Bridge4Wz) From United States72
John Stell (Johnworf1) From United Kingdom72
Douglas Schmickrath (P0Stm0Rtem) From United States72
François Duffour (Toutmo) From France72
Luwen Koh (Doublereborned) From Singapore71
Alan Schwartz (Alansc) From United States71
Georgios Lousis (Lgeo) From Greece71
Diogenis Terzoglou (Dioter) From Greece71
Jian Zhou (Wincheer) From China71
Julian Wightwick (Juliancb) From United Kingdom71
Juliano Barbosa (Jbarbosa) From Portugal71
Örjan Törnblom (Unperfect) From Sweden71
Tommy Strindfors (Tommyst) From Sweden71
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) from Singapore71
Vikrant Mehta (Vicky888) From India70
Tracey Bauer (Marintlc) From United States70
Christian Vennerod (Rodvenn) From Norway70
Ivan Leung (Ivanleung) From United Kingdom70
Michele Cammarata (Camma) From Italy70
Gabby Kamil (Gab7Nt) From United States70
John Macgregor (Johnmacg) From Canada70
Bert Hackney (Toast1) From United States70
Ken Schutze (Schutze) From United States70
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia70
Valeriu Gheorghe (Ppvv123) From Romania69
Beverley Lawler (Bubbles73) From Australia69
Mark Kinzer (Thekinz) From United States69
Michael Ruffin (Bakano) From New Zealand69
Phil Gordon (Pgordon) From United States69
Recai Saylik (Denizs) From Turkey69
Olivier Metzdorff (Meol) From France69
Alain Devigne (Adev) From Belgium69
Jim Mathers (Maddog1) From Canada69
Sedat Aluf (Monk99) From Turkey69
Robert Lavin (Bridgboy1) From United States69
Hans Van Der Heijde (001Hans) From Netherlands69
Igor Grzejdziak (Igorg) From Poland68
David Weinberg (Thymepuns) From United Kingdom68
Serkan Unal (Srknunal) From Turkey68
Dodo Georgevic (Heat2204) From United Kingdom68
Merih Dikbas (Merihdb) From Turkey68
Nikos Galaxy Drama (Fifilippos9) From Greece68
Daniel Wilderman (Daw28) From United States68
Kongo Kong (Kongo) From Hong Kong68
Md Alauddin (Alo107) From Bangladesh68
Jacek Pietrzycki (Blokier) From Poland68
Sayeed Ahmed (Sa001) From Bangladesh68
Darwin Afdahl (Darwin) From United States68
Alex Athanasiadis (Alati) From Greece68
Babs Giesbrecht (Babsg) From Canada68
John Murdoch (Murdo) From United Kingdom68
Bertrand Hardy (Bertrand) From France68
Laura Mancini (801Dna) From France68
Christopher Howard (Chriscq1) From United Kingdom68
Hamish Mccracken (Hamishmccr) From Australia68
Jordan Cohen (Jordymc) From Canada68
Irving Litvack (Jarrypark) From Canada68
Enrique García De Oteyza (Ego1946) From Spain68
John Leonard (Jl07702) From United States68
Enhao Du (Diandian23) From United States68
Leo Resk (Resker) From Canada68
0 (Petelaw) From 068
Thomas Terzian (Rmenian) From United States68
Luis Folque (Luis Carlo) From Portugal67
Kostiantyn Melnikov (Xlmel) From Ukraine67
Dave Simmons (Sunnydave) From United Kingdom67
Kristian Frimer (Kristianf) From Denmark67
Peter Winkler (Cryptopete) From United States67
Preben Schmidt (Prebenvm) From Denmark67
Verdu Serge (Tarzorro) From France67
Jaaon Chew (Pinochio) From Singapore67
David Bryder (Dageb) From Sweden67
Sanjit Dey (Sanjit Dey) From India67
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) From United States67
David Boxley (Dboxley) From United States67
Veljko Vujcic (Sambolino) From Serbia67
Ben Hendriks (Benhend) From Netherlands67
Bob Duval (Bobduv) From United States67
Zoran Sostaric (Kizo130_Te) From Croatia67
Anne Wilson (Anne8002) From United States67
Franco Telesforo (Frate42) From Italy67
J B (Jbennet) From Sweden67
Kelley Hwang (110804) From United States67
Joshua Stark (Redubl1) From United States67
Anthony Bates (Anthonyg) From United Kingdom67
Howard Stern (Hstern) From United States67
Val Ena (Fachiru) From United States67
Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) From Chile67
Péter Lovász (Zsofikrist) From Hungary67
Pär Ol-Mårs (Olmar) From Sweden67
Nick Roubeglis (Rglis) From Greece67
Veysel Toplaya (Tweety1) From Turkey67
Neil Cohen (Ncohen) From United States67
Mark Chen (Mark_Chen) From United States67
Rosaleen Glasheen (Remlagh) From Ireland67

The 2022 Annual Competition Leaders (after 10 months)

You need a running total of 495 (an average of 55 or more) to make the annual competition leader-board with nine months played, which means that about 80 players make the list. Slightly lower scores from those at the top of the annual leader-board this month, Patrick and Ian leading those in the top 20 with 74/80.

Francois maintains his excellent form with 72/80, and retains his lead at the top. However, the chasing pack narrowed the gap as players began dropping their weakest scores. Ian and Alexander just edge Dave down into fourth place. With almost all of the chasers having dropped their scores in the 40s or 50s now, the weakest counting scores amongst the leaders are all very similar, around 65-67. Pete is the exception, with a 50 still to be dropped, so watch out for his late run.

After ten months we still have four players averaging 70/80 or higher. Congratulations to everyone near the top of the annual race for their amazing consistency over the year. The outcome of last year’s annual competition went right to the wire, and it is looking like the same will be true for the 2022 competition. All three of last year's medalists are in the top eight at the moment, and it is looking likely that the scores over the final two months will determine who makes it onto this year’s podium.

Francois Duffour (toutmo) from Paris, France659
Ian T Findlay (findles) from Banff AB Canada651
Alexander Cook (spade7) from Sydney, Australia650
David Williams (dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales647
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) from Singapore646
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India645
Hanoi A Rondon (hanoi5) from Providencia639
Peter Law (petelaw) from Broadstairs623
Pär Ol-Mårs (olmar) from Sweden613
Milko Slavov (milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria611
peter lakatos (nyul11) from Budapest608
Va Ena (fachiru) from Taos NM606
Dan Gheorghiu (DanG4503) from Victoria, BC, Canada603
Laura Mancini (801dna) from Paris France602
Babs Giesbrecht (bABsG) from Canada596
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) from United Kingdom592
Patrick Shields (patr1cks) from Cheltenham589
Brad Theurer (batmanbrad) from Gaithersburg, MD USA587
John MacGregor (johnmacg) from Halifax, NS587
Shahar Zack (shaharz) from kiryat motzkin585
Claude Candillier (capri13) from Peyrolles en Provence, France 582
Juliano Barbosa (JBarbosa) from Seixal Portugal582
Paul Dubois (pottsca) from El Cajon, CA USA581
John R Mayne (JRMayne) from Modesto, CA, USA580
Josh Sinnett (oshoj) from Bellingham, WA, United States579
Capri Bucci (atp13) from Rome Italy578
Michael van Gulik (Bananatree) from Belleville Canada575
Adrian Pang (MP7601) from Hong Kong, China574
John Stell (johnworf1) from United Kingdom570
Jarek Langer (jarek444) from Austin TX USA566
Manuel Oliveira (m oliveira) from Estoril - Portugal565
Adam Magyar (Sundiszno) from Budapest564
Enhao Du (diandian23) from Newbury Park, USA562
Douglas Schmickrath (P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA, USA558
Athanasiadis Alex (alati) from Thessaloniki, Greece557
Chen-Dann Lu (CDLU) from Taiwan555
Lei Tsui (ltsui10) from United States548
Gianni Hsieh (wakanari) from Sammamish546
Mani Gupta (Manig) from USA545
Rasmus Maide (dst463) from Espoo, Finland542
Mostafa Mohamed (therudy) from Fort Lee542
David Johnson (davidmj) from Calgary Canada539
John C Osher (J5280) from Denver539
Stephen Kwan (sk1958) from Toronto/Canada537
Bert Hackney (toast1) from United States535
Daniel Klein (drdnmnk) from Victoria, B.C., Canada534
Andreas Persson (Rosengatan) from Mullsjö533
Alex Green (Galexy) from Sydney Australia532
Rishabh Singh (rishabh) from San Jose532
C Billiet (cbilliet) from Netherlands530
Raj Agarwal (badesh) from Cambridge, MA, USA527
Timothy Prior (brimstone) from United Kingdom524
Ioannis Exarchos (Jexa_) from Greece523
Gaston Mejane (decour) from France522
Marian Tomov (Marit) from Bulgaria520
Nikolaos (nikrek) from Papamichalopoulos520
Gregory LeBlanc (gnlblnc151) from United States517
Benjamin Bomber (soccertoo) from Portland515
Charles Nudelman (soxguy) from Northbrook,IIllinois511
Mark Chen (mark_chen) from United States511
Stephen Goldstein (sdvdg) from United States510
James Sampson (jtsamp1) from Lake Worth508
Leo Resk (resker) from Canada508
Jean-Luc Lachance (jllachan) from Canada506
Matt Weingarten (coolbeans) from United States506
Andrzej Stankiewicz (south66) from Poland506
Paul Sontag (pgs58) from Canada506
Karle Joys (kjoys) from Canada505
Tobias Bern (xtober) from Sweden505
Mark Bennett (upstate) from United States504
Dave Bugay (hikerdave1) from United States504
Earle Fergusson (Fergus) from Canada504
Thanassis Akylas (aakylas) from Greece503
John Leonard (jl07702) from United States503
Michael Fay (Mouse75) from United Kingdom502
peter hudson (p_t_red) from Coppell501
Ashot Harutunyan (ashoth_14) from Canada499
Erez Zadik (erezz) from Israel498
Arto Kosonen (Aarrttoo) from Finland498
Lee Weinberger (shoonrah) from United States498
Robert Lavin (bridgboy1) from United States496
Jim Norton (jimnorton) from United States495

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