Win ACBL Masterpoints® with ACBL Classic Tournaments

ACBL Classic games are club-level games sanctioned by the ACBL that have been hosted by BBO since 2004. The games are similar in many ways to what you'll be used to playing at your local bridge club; but you can pretty much play at any time.

If you've played on BBO in your virtual ACBL club, the Classic ACBL games will be very familiar; Choices of 12 or 18 boards, MPs or IMPs, and open or limited fields. You can play with the robots, with a partner or even as a team. ACBL Classic games award ACBL unpigmented masterpoints.

Play when you want

Earn ACBL Masterpoints and play whenever you want to. ACBL Classic games are a great option to enjoy bridge and sharpen your skills when your regular virtual or face-to-face clubs aren't running a game. And what's more, the games are affordable and you can pair up with a polite robot, if your regular partner is not available.

You can find out more about ACBL Classic games here.

How do I play?

Click on ACBL World, then select the ACBL game of your choice.

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2 comments on “Win ACBL Masterpoints® with ACBL Classic Tournaments”
  1. I have been playing in the 0-499 section for several months. when I get points, they are colorless and not recognized by the ACBL so what are you talking about?

    1. Hello Nancy
      ACBL classics are sanctioned games and they award Masterpoints. Your ACBL Masterpoints are reported to the ACBL at the beginning of each month and count towards your rank advancement.

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