World Championship Results

The 45th World Championships came to a close on March 9 in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy. Well done to all the winners and to everyone who took part.

All the finals

Bermuda Bowl - Switzerland

Members: Sjoert Brink, Bas Drijver, Piotr Gawryś, Michał Klukowski, Fernando Piedra, Pierre Zimmermann, Krzysztof Martens (coach)

Venice Cup - Sweden

Members: Kathrine Bertheau, Sanna Clementsson, Louise Hallqvist, Ylva Johansson, Jessica Larsson, Emma Övelius, Tobias Törnqvist (npc), Carina Wademark (coach)

D'Orsy Trophy - Poland

Members: Apolinary Kowalski, Michał Kwiecień, Victor Markowicz, Krzysztof Moszczyński, Jacek Romański, Włodzimierz Starkowski, Włodzimierz Wala (npc)

Wuhan Cup - France

Members: Bénédicte Cronier, Philippe Cronier, Vanessa Reess, Pierre Schmidt, Lionel Sebbane, Joanna Zochowska, Laurent Thuillez (npc), François Combescure (coach)

Click here to view the results of the World Championship.

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