Hollywood Magic Regional

Lights, Camera, Masterpoints®

Hollywood Magic, the spring online tournament is back. Four days (March 24-27, Thursday-Sunday) to play bridge, win gold masterpoints® and more.

Each day there will be a variety of two-session and single-session events on Bridge Base Online with games for players at all experience levels.

There will also be Daily Bulletins posted to BridgeFeed and recorded mini-lessons from celebrity speakers.

For all the details visit the ACBL website 

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9 comments on “Hollywood Magic Regional”
  1. Wish I had seen this earlier. I need 1.03 gold to become an NABC Master. Thanks for offering online opportunities. Sorry I missed this one. Too late!

  2. I stopped playing online in the gold events bc there is now way to catch people cheating and it is so expensive to play.

  3. I like to play on line, and appreciate the chance to win Gold points..... I only need around 10 gold and 5 silver to become a life master. I will be playing in every F/F regional and charity game available withIn my and my partner's driving distance.. On line I only play with my cousin who is a beginner just approaching 100 points.

  4. More online opportunities for Gold are appreciated. Many of us live in rural areas with free clubs/Regionals.

  5. Some of us are no longer able to travel. We need a place to get silver and gold and BBO is every helpful in this.

  6. The ACBL will kill duplicate bridge, you need the clubs, and you are doing everything in your power to try and put them out of business, it's unconscionable what you are doing to people and their livelihoods, all for a money grab, it's quite disgusting

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