A Charmed Life

Bridge - the Greatest Game - often provides us with exalted moments that make life worthwhile! Vickbridge (Vickie Sebastian) & I were verily gratified on the last board of Friday's ACBL pair game on September 9.

Some would open her hand ♣ - some wouldn't - but once you "know" you should tear up your ♠K, nobody would venture that free 3♣ rebid, when prudence surely screams "PASS" with that putative putrid 9-count. So now we were screwed - but I plowed on toward the aspirational 3NT with my dreaded 3♠ "WESTERN Q-BID" (asking).

Vickie could only pray that her KINGLETON SING was a stopper, but that's 1 trick - where the heck were our other 8 immediate winners? With her hopeless club garbage, I would need to provide an overwhelming red horde-o'-trix. Prudence may dictate a retreat to 4♣ on her hand, now worth ~ 11 Vickie Points. But NOOO! I heard a strange death-cry of "BANZAI" from the other side of the screen - just like the WWII kamikaze fighters - as "3NT" appeared.

North led the ♠5 and South played the 9, won by Vickie's K! HAH! Vickie ran 5 hearts, then a ♣ to her Queen, covered by the Ace. North cashed the ♠Ace - but now the mirage descended - South played the Death Deuce! - so North, duly discouraged, sighed ... and exited with Q?!

So Vickie took 11 tricks for +460!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 🙂 It was a bridge miracle. We won 5 IMPs and salvaged a top-20 overall finish. I was so happy for Vickie - after all those decades of cold zorrinis came her just reward for leading such a beautiful CHARMED LIFE! 🙂

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4 comments on “A Charmed Life”

  1. My view is that North is a very poor player-or at least can't count.
    After the second spade lead, seeing west show out, and that east was out of spades, it would be obvious that the spades would run.
    So exiting with the Q diamonds is play worthy of a absolute beginner.

  2. https://www.bridgebase.com/tools/handviewer.html?lin=st||pn|thankup123,fatslice,TSANkar,DrSlamm|md|1SKT8HKD86532CAJ82,SJHT76532DKJ9CT74,SAQ962H8DA4CQ9653,S7543HAQJ94DQT7CK|sv|b|rh||ah|Board%207|mb|1D|mb|P|mb|1S|mb|P|mb|2C|mb|P|mb|2H|an|4sf|mb|D|mb|2N|mb|P|mb|3N|mb|P|mb|P|mb|P|pc|H7|pc|H8|pc|HJ|pc|HK|pc|SK|pc|SJ|pc|S2|pc|S3|pc|ST|pc|CT|pc|S6|pc|S4|pc|S8|pc|C7|pc|SA|pc|S5|pc|SQ|pc|S7|pc|D2|pc|C4|pc|S9|pc|H4|pc|D3|pc|D9|pc|DA|pc|D7|pc|D5|pc|DJ|pc|CQ|pc|CK|pc|CA|pc|H2|pc|CJ|pc|H3|pc|C3|pc|H9|pc|C2|pc|H5|pc|C9|pc|HQ|pc|C5|pc|DT|pc|C8|pc|H6|pc|D8|pc|DK|pc|D4|pc|DQ|pc|HT|pc|C6|pc|HA|pc|D6|

    1. I know my story is kinda sentimental, bur I didn't foresee it could reduce this kind reader to blalthering gibberish 🙂

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