Wildflower 9 Day Survivor: May 1-9

Have fun in this 9 (nine!) day marathon Survivor game held as part of BBO’s Lily Land Bridge Fest (May 1 – 9). This is a daylong style tournament with robots -- you don't need a partner to join.

Click here for the Lily Land Bridge Fest Schedule

Tournament specifics

This is a 9-day survivor tournament, with robots, “daylong” style. Everyone is welcome to test their skills in Day 1, but you need to qualify to proceed to the next days.

Format for each daily session

  • Matchpoints
  • 12 boards
  • This tournament is not “Best Hand”
  • Deal pools will be used for increased security
  • Top 80% finishers qualify for the next day
  • You must play each day (or until you are eliminated)
  • Free entry.

  • Day 1: Anyone can join. Top 80% finishers qualify for Day 2.
  • Days 2 to 9: Restricted to players who qualified in the previous day. 
  • If you qualify for the next day session, but you do not play it, you will be eliminated.
  • All results count towards your overall score.

Who can play?

This game is open to all. You do not need a partner to register.

How can I play?

Click Competitive ► All Tournaments and look for "Wildflower 9 Day Survivor" (there's a Search box at the top of the list).

When Can I play?

The Wildflower 9 Day Survivor is open for registrations on Saturday, May 1st, and you can play it at any moment, from midnight to midnight US Central Time. Make sure to play on Saturday to give yourself a chance of getting through to the next days. If you get knocked out, you can compete in the Barefoot Consolation Survivor, on May 8-9. 

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58 comments on “Wildflower 9 Day Survivor: May 1-9”
  1. There is a problem with daylong tournaments at the moment, players see a lot of "table closed" errors.

    The problem is not specific to the Wildflower, it's affecting all the daylong style games at the moment.

    Techs are on it, we'll fix as soon as possible. I'll post here again when done.

  2. yes, I am also not able to play and constantly getting error? can someone explain the problem

  3. I played session one and was awarded 5BBO points... now i see under Recent Tournaments that no points appear to have been awarded. Which is it?

    1. This is a free tourneys, it does not award points. Day 1 results were temporarily messed up (showed a lot of points, like 300 for the winner!) and everyone was listed several times. We fixed meanwhile.

  4. Yes, Day 2 results are tainted, they will be removed after Session 3 is completed. Ignore Day 2 please and focus on Day 3. You will notice it's more than 14,000 players, there was no cut for Day 2.

    Sorry for the problems.

  5. The results of the second day are not calculated correctly I scored 63% But in the ranking I got 42 %Some of my fiends got 1 and 10 %

  6. I only got to play 1 board but Diana's response fair and I look forward to tomorrow's game.

  7. For what it worth I didn't have any issues with the survivors. Great job for such an interesting week bridge-wise BBO, thanks!

  8. Something has not been quite right today. System errors plagued my Day 2 session. First 5 hands, then booted out. Then hand 6. Then hand 7. Then nothing.

  9. To Diana:
    The final decision is a good one.
    However, I would suggest organizers to award BBO points in compensation for the time spent for playing.
    You did not answer my previous question.

  10. I registered and started without any cards shown up for several times. I waited then I played only 4 rounds and the system said done. Is this a bug or supposed to be so?

  11. As commented above, something went wrong with today's session.

    Players who have started playing their boards during the system issues this morning cannot complete the 12 boards for today. Very sorry for this, you will all be qualified for tomorrow and today's results won't count.

    1. Everyone qualifies for tomorrow (there will be no cut)
    2. After today is scored, Day 2 results will be taken out of the Overall, so as to not influence the final leaderboard.

    Sorry again, growing pains. It is the first time we attempt a tournament this long and we have learned a lot about what can be improved.

  12. my 72 points for first session 62% 12 board game have been taken away lol. maybe that is award for overall after 9 sessions. programmer available for hire lol

  13. Great fun but it kept kicking me out and now it says I've completed the tournament after only 4 boards! Can it be fixed?

  14. There was a problem with today's session. It has been fixed now, however results for sessions started during the outage have been compromised. We apologize for the incident. What will we do to address the problem:
    1. Everyone qualifies for tomorrow (there will be no cut)
    2. After today is scored, Day 2 results will be taken out of the Overall, so as to not influence the final leaderboard.

    Sorry again, growing pains. It is the first time we attempt a tournament this long and we have learned a lot about what can be improved.

    1. Good solutions but i appear with 26 % and this result i based o Day 2 result, for 3 deals ! Be you sure to fix that after Day 3 : the best seems to cancerl définitely Day 2

  15. Is BBO getting stupid? I tried to told you, that after 2 Hands an error occured and when I tried to start again I got the Message Tournament completed.
    When I send the email, I got the message "duplicate comment detected.
    What a funkiller!!!

  16. I was happy to play a 9 days event. The first day I made 74 % and ended 10th.
    Today I played 2 Hands before it was frozen (an error has occured). I tried to start again. Two times the same thing. At the third time the message: tournament completed. Congratulation for that funkiller!

  17. 16069 players took part in Day 1.
    80% of this = 12855
    14987 players are registered on the Day 2 that is much more than 12855.

    1. Easy. More than one person hold the same score, hence more than 80% of the total number of people registered on Day 1 can play on Day 2.

  18. There are still problems with the wildflower survivor. We apologize for the delay. You will see all sorts of strange things, for the moment. I'll post here when it's stabilized.

  19. After playing hand 5, no more hands appear and I get a message saying I completed the tourney, despite there are another 7 hands to go.

  20. We are still having system issues at the moment. Try again later if you can, right now the tourneys are not stabilized yet.

  21. My tentative score yesterday was over 60%, but I do not have mail with results and the Day 2 tournament is not appearing under Competitive - Free Tournaments. ?

  22. There's a delay with all daylongs this morning. We are working on this and the tournaments will be available as soon as possible. Sorry for this!

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