Bluebell Pairs (0-500): Lily Land Bridge Fest

If you’re shy to join, but love the flowery vibe during BBO’s Lily Land Bridge Fest (May 1 – 9), look no further than the Bluebell Pairs.  The game is dedicated to players with less than 500 BBO Points and offers a chance to play with pairs of a similar level.

Click here for the Lily Land Bridge Fest Schedule

Tournament specifics

  • 18 boards
  • 7 minutes per board
  • Matchpoints
  • Free entry
  • You can register with a robot

Who can play?

Bluebell Limited Pairs is limited to players with less than 500 BBO Points (BBO award symbol in profile up to 8).

How can I play?

Click Competitive ► All Tournaments (or Virtual Clubs ► BBO World) and look for “Bluebell Pairs” (there’s a Search box at the top of the list).

When Can I play?

The Bluebell Pairs (0-500 BBO Points) start every day at 8.30 AM, 12.30 PM and 6.30 PM US Eastern Time (2.30 PM, 6.30 PM and 0.30 Central European Time), over the course of the 9 day Lily Land Bridge Fest. 

<strong>Bluebell Pairs <em>(0-500)</em>:</strong> Lily Land Bridge Fest