Get ready for BIC 2nd Edition: Free BIC Practice Tournaments

Bridge International Championship 2nd edition

The best way to prepare for the 2nd Edition of the Bridge International Championship (BIC) will be to compete in our free BIC practice tournaments. There will be two available on Saturday, March 27 and two more on Sunday, March 28 - starting midnight US Central Time.

The format will be similar to the BIC tournaments: daylong style, individual, with robots, 12 boards, Matchpoints. Your scores will be averaged and you get to see how you rank overall and against compatriots on the BIC leaderboard.

Your IP address will determine which country you represent (for example, Garozzo will represent the USA if he’s in the USA). If your country doesn’t have at least 10 players, you’ll represent the “Rest of World”.

BIC Free Practice Leaders

(Click here for the full leaderboard)

Leading Countries

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How to win a prize

Option 1: Get a taste for the real BIC. For this, you'll need to play all 4 BIC Practice tournaments (Saturday and Sunday) and finish in the Top 10!

  • 1st place wins 6 free entries to BIC Qualifier Daylongs
  • 2nd place wins 4 free entries
  • 3rd place wins 2 free entries
  • 4th to 10th places win 1 free entry

Option 2: Don't have time to play both days? Just for the practice, we'll also reward the daily winner. You'll need to play both daylongs to be in the running. The winner will get 1 free entry to a BIC Qualifier tournament.

How can I play?

Click on “Competitive” “All tournaments” and look for BIC Free Practice (there’s a Search box at the top of the list). There'll be two practice tournaments on Saturday (BIC Free Practice 2, and BIC Free Practice 3) and two more on Sunday (BIC Free Practice 4, and BIC Free Practice 5)*.

Once you’ve registered, click on the tournament to play. You have until midnight US Central Time to complete the tournament.

Associated Links

*In case you wonder what happened with BIC Free Practice 1, it took place on Friday, as a small test and will not be counted for the weekend leaderboard.

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