Join Larry Cohen’s free Open Lesson on BBO – March 14

Login to BBO and learn from one of the greatest bridge teachers of our time

On March 14, 1pm EDT, Larry Cohen invites you to his 30 minute BBO lesson on Opening Leads. Get your notebook at the ready, and go to VuGraph for a fun and entertaining learning experience.

If you’re in the Eastern time zone, just be careful as the clocks change on March 14!

Larry Cohen doesn’t really need more of an introduction, but to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, he’s:

Larry Cohen (bridge) - Wikipedia

One of the great writers and teachers of a generation, Larry is particularly well-known for introducing the ‘Law of Total Tricks’ to the bridge-reading masses. As a player, he’s a 25-Time National Champion, ACBL Hall of Famer, and listed as Top 10 Living Most Influential in Bridge. 

Live Open Lesson Details

  • With: Larry Cohen
  • When: March 14, 1PM EDT (6PM CET)
  • Theme: Opening Leads
  • Where: On BBO, click on VuGraph (the eye logo)
  • Price: FREE
  • What to prepare: just your questions 🙂

How to join the live lesson

  1. Login to BBO a few minutes before the lesson starts
  2. Click on “Vugraph” (see below) and then click on the table with Larry Cohen

Join Larry Cohen’s free Open Lesson on <strong>BBO</strong> – March 14