Sparkling Swiss Teams

Bring your team or come alone

Don't worry if you're not in a team of 4 already. You can come alone or with a partner and we'll team you up before the game starts. Or you can get a partner and let BBO assign teammates randomly. Regardless of how you get started, you'll be sure to have fun.

Start times are every two hours, from 11AM to 7PM US Eastern Time. For these Swiss team tournaments there are 3 rounds of 6 boards each, scored in victory points. The 18 boards take 108 mins to complete.

Registration is just 1 BB$ and you can win BBO Points if you do well.

Jim Perkins (biggerclub) has been rounding up quite a few players for the Sparkling Swiss 'Big Game' on Sundays at 7pm ET - maybe you'd like to play against Jim and friends!

Here are all the details of how to get started

If you haven't played Swiss teams before, here's a handy reference to explain the concept.

How to find the games?

Click CompetitiveAll Tournaments (or Virtual ClubsBBO World) and search for “Sparkling Swiss Teams”.

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8 comments on “Sparkling Swiss Teams”

  1. Please correct the grammar in your opening sentence: "Don’t worry if your not in a team of 4 already." It should be: "Don't worry if you're not ...." Thank you.

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