ACBL: New schedule for your daylongs!

Currently your ACBL Daylongs start and end at midnight US Central Time. This is fine for players on the east coast, but not so convenient for those living in the west.

As a result the ACBL Daylong reset times are being changed to be convenient for all North American players. After all, we don’t want players in the west to feel they need to ‘rush’ if they start after 9pm.

From February 10, ACBL Daylongs will start four hours later than today.

  • Alaska Standard Time: 1 am
  • Pacific Standard Time: 2 am
  • Mountain Standard Time: 3 am
  • Central Standard Time: 4 am
  • Eastern Standard Time: 5 am
  • Atlantic Standard Time: 6 am


  • Is this change affecting all Daylong tournaments offered by BBO? No, only Daylongs sanctioned by the ACBL. All others will have their schedule unchanged.
  • What about daylight saving time? Not very different from today: if your area does not adopt DST, you will continue to see a 1-hour shift in your start and end time. With the change, however, this shift will start happening late at night, which is better for most players.
  • What happens to February 9’s Daylong? It will have its ending time extended by 4 hours. Call it a Daysuperlong!