Canasta Junction joins the 52 Entertainment Group

52 Entertainment announced today the acquisition of Canasta Junction, adding the leading canasta app to its growing portfolio of games. Canasta Junction joins the world’s leading card game entertainment group which includes Bridge Base Online, Funbridge, Le Bridgeur, Master Point Press, Great Game Products, Bridge Baron and China Bridge Online. Sue and Alan Silberstein, founders of Canasta Junction and renowned canasta instructors will continue in their current roles. They will bring their passion and expertise to help their new colleagues continue to improve Canasta Junction for its 60,000 players.

Olivier Comte, CEO of 52 Entertainment

“I'm thrilled that Canasta Junction has joined 52 Entertainment. Canasta is a sister game to bridge and this acquisition marks our first major step in diversifying our portfolio of games. Sue and Alan have created something truly fantastic and we welcome them with open arms.”

Sue Silberstein and Alan Silberstein, founders of Canasta Junction

“Canasta is our passion, and we are delighted that our creation will continue and grow stronger with 52 Entertainment. A great big thank you to all our dedicated and loyal customers who have supported us over the years. We look forward to continuing to bring the game of canasta to players everywhere!”

Michael Schulhof, board member and special advisor to 52 Entertainment

"I’m so happy to bring Canasta Junction to 52 Entertainment. This move solidifies our vision to become the world leader in mind and strategic games. I guess I really should thank my wife for this - she has been an active member of the Canasta Junction community for some time, and helped me see the potential!”

Canasta Junction is the leading app for canasta lovers everywhere. Since 2015 Canasta Junction has been the place for playing canasta, as testified by its over 60,000 customers. Canasta Junction connects players in both two and four-handed games. It's really social, with in-game chat making for a fun, interactive experience where players really feel a sense of belonging. There’s also Duplicate Canasta, for the most competitive players.

52 Entertainment is the ultimate holding company of Funbridge, Bridge Base Online (BBO), Le Bridgeur, Bridge Baron, Master Point Press and China Bridge Online, making it the world’s uncontested leader in bridge entertainment and software. Our goal is to further expand the universe of bridge players by providing them with entertaining and fun options to play or follow bridge, all while helping to develop the next generation of bridge players through our education initiatives. Overall, we have more than 5 million monthly active users across all our platforms.


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13 comments on “Canasta Junction joins the 52 Entertainment Group”

  1. Please do not cover the hands with statistics when each game is over. It is helpful to review the hands.

  2. In playing Solitaire (A.C.E.) please do not cover the game with the statistics when over. It is helpful to review the hands.

  3. Canasta Junction app has many of the same glitches that it had before being sold, but now there’s a monthly charge to play with rude individuals and multiple quitters.the changes that were “promised” have not taken place, and all the apps developers care about is money in their pockets once a month or more is purchased. Unless you have a group of people to play together, the game is played with strangers who are sometimes painfully slow, or quit if/when they’re losing by a lot of points. Not knowing about how these apps are developed, it’s highly unlikely for players to get three special hands in an in-person game- which frequently occurs in CJ. There is no way to save the random players that are good and pleasant to play with- so now we pay monthly to play a game for a period of time, just to have them quit. The frequency of this seems to have increased exponentially.
    I personally have had issuers with payment. Being in the time period that we were given to continue using the app for six months before being charged, I have been paying. While the free 6 months were to run from January until June,I’ve even charged the monthly cost of the app ever month since February 2022. U less you have a technical problem that doesn’t allow you to play- which might stop you from renewing the all monthly so they get money in their pockets, you can forget about ever getting support. It’s the worst customer support of my online experiences I’ve had- apps, banking, shopping, etc. I started to contact them in February to inform them that I have been charged monthly with the assumption that it would be looked into and fixed. From February until now- June- I’ve gotten ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT. All I’ve gotten was an automated email stating that my problem has been escalated, with the option to respond to the email with any other questions relating to the case.the first time I got a ready person who responded. When I had other questions or comments, no one responded- only MORE auto generated responses. I have had no contact with anyone at all until this month when a real person responded- agreeing that this has been going on way to long and she would address the issue. Since then- NOTHING BUT MORE ESCALATED CASE EMAIL HAS TAKEN OVER MY INBOX! I’ll even Clint count them for you…..approximately 34! None of the email addresses the issue. Instead, they keep ignoring them, and I keep getting more and more frustrated and angry. It appears that they could care less, and probably would be happy if I canceled my subscription! The frustration has caused me to be relentless about contacting them, knowing that I’ll never get at response. The very first response I got in February was that they would see if there was an anomaly and get back to me. The only anomaly is the way this has been NOT ADDRESSED! There is NO WAY to contact anyone, other than email- and I’ve explained how that has gone. When I received contact from a new support person, she asked for my phone number to discuss the issue. After 34 emails back and forth, explaining the problem over and over again, there was no way I could give them my one E number- which was my exact response to the person. Why do I need to explain it again? I explained that by this time there should be no need to discuss it at all- they should know the problem and have done something about it in the last 6 months. READ THE EMAIL! I have asked to be reimbursed. The right thing to do would’ve been to at the very least provide a way to at least offer a credit towards the next 6 months- then I’ll continue paying after that. HOW HARD IS THAT TO DO?! It’s not at all an unreasonable request. As I said, they just don’t care. Why bother if it’s money in their pockets?

    Some competitors have jumped into the modern canasta app development recently, so CJ isn’t unique in any way. Unfortunately, I do have friends that arrange games, so I don’t have an option to cancel. Maybe over time- after trying the latest new app- my friends will decide to jump ship. Many people already have done so. Unless changes are made I’m sure it will continue.

    If you’re a real canasta player and have people to arrange games with using the app, FORGET ABOUT IT!

  4. Sadly, the algorithm for this app is not calibrated properly. Every game is the same. Opening with a wild card canasta and ending with a special hand. It’s unfortunate as I’ve been playing for years and it keeps getting worse. Unfortunately, many of those I’ve played with over the years will not be continuing come June. And I don’t understand why it can’t be fixed.

  5. Congratulations on your acquisition of Canasta Junction. While I enjoy playing on this ap, there are two major issues. The site still kicks players off regularly and the ranking system focuses on how often you play rather than how well you play. You have the statistics, please use them.

  6. I just checked their site. $25 to join on a PC and another $25 if you want to download the app for an iPad or iPhone. Compare that with BBO - no cost to join and your membership is portable across all devices. No thanks.

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