Weekly Highlights: December 27 - January 2

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    • Hot Dog Speedball -Pairs
    • Cotton Candy – Pairs
    • Candy Apple – Pairs
    • Churros Open – Pairs
Happy New Year 2021!

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10 comments on “Weekly Highlights: December 27 - January 2”

  1. They stopped using the old flash version on January first. I have no problem with that. My problem is that the new version has less features than the flash version. The flash version kept a running score of how you were doing against the field in the $1 and $5 games. The new one doesn't or you have to click on something to see it, but that defeats the purpose in a timed event.

  2. how do we find the Bridge Feed zooms lessons given during the recent Winter Wonderland tournament, and other tournaments as well

      1. I did Not get an answer, IF I asked you once before...How do we watch the Zoom teacher presentations from past BBO tournaments (Ex. WInter wonderland tourn?)

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