Make a difference by simply playing bridge - Cards for a Cause

We bring 2020 to a close with Cards for a Cause. On December 28 and 29 all proceeds from BBO games will be split between HLD Mediterranean Fund and Alzheimer’s Association. Take some time to have fun playing bridge and at the same time help us give something back at the end of this difficult year.

How to play Cards for a Cause

On December 28 and 29, all BBO's 'human' tournaments and Robot tournaments will be part of Cards for a Cause! Look for Host name "BBO". All 'charity' games will mention "Cards for cause" in their title.

Go to COMPETITIVE > ALL TOURNAMENTS and write "BBO" in the search box.

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12 comments on “Make a difference by simply playing bridge - Cards for a Cause”

  1. Nell, you have been playing bridge longer than I've been alive, and I'm no spring chicken myself. May you have many more happy years at the table, either virtual or IRL!

  2. What a nice write up Nell. Hope we all can get back to the tables soon. Happy New Year from your friend in Columbus.

  3. I have always said, "Bridge is my Insurance against old age." In 2021 I will be 86. I played my first hand of bridge when I was 14. I have seen the game transition from Honor Count to Point Count, 4 card majors to 5 card majors, strong 2 bids to weak 2 bids, strong jump shifts to weak jump shifts. I recall the national tournament when Sheets with computer dealt hands were passed out to duplicate the boards. Players were enraged, many felt that it was unfair because a computer dealt hand was not a normal hand. I remember playing my first hand of bridge on the computer when OK bridge came into existence in the 90's. Many avid ACBL duplicate players were totally opposed to online bridge. The powers that ran the organization at that time felt computer bridge would never be recognized. I knew in my heart that somehow some day computer bridge would be accepted all over the world! Just look at us now. I am still amazed at the wonderful program BBO has to offer. Every time I log on I can't believe how many more wonderful events are available. I still get excited every time that first hand pops up on my computer and I can lose myself for hours trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Keep up the good works and thanks for making my dream a reality.
    Nell Cahn

  4. Just wondering if there selected times yet for the pairs games. Look forward to playing. What a great opportunity BBO has given us to keep our sanity with so many games to play in. Thank you!!

  5. How wonderful to support the North Americans who are the only ones obviously to get Alzheimer's with the HLD Mediterranean Fund for the Europeans. Nuff said. I will not participate with this special agenda. Lileth

    1. The Alzheimer's Association offers support, research, and resources globally. It's a very good organization.

  6. Considering there are many European players on BBO, I think it was nice to include a European cause in the charity games.

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