21 Jumpstart – New Year Bridge January 1-3

Together, let’s get 2021 off to a flyer – join us for the BBO 21 Jumpstart!

From January 1st to January 3rd BBO is hosting an enormous party of bridge to celebrate the new year. It’s clear that 2020 has been very difficult for so many. We hope 2021 will see things getting back to some kind of normal.

Over the three days of ’21 Jumpstart’ there’ll be games to suit all tastes and abilities: teams, pairs, indies, robots, daylongs and survivors! Wherever the mood takes you, we’ve got it covered. What better way to Jumpstart your year? And, yes – for those of you familiar with the career of Johnny Depp – we decided to call this 21 Jumpstart and not Jumpstart 21 to add a nice US TV cultural twist!

So, what’s in store?


Sparkling Swiss Teams – FREE
18 boards, 6 rounds of 3 boards, VP20 – 4 times a day, for 3 days: 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm US Eastern Time
Organise some bubbles – Champagne, Prosecco (or mineral water if it’s too early!) and prepare for a Swiss teams challenge. Running 4 times a day for the duration of the event.


Ceilidh Indy Express – 0.10BB$
4 Express games per hour, running 24/7
Fast and furious, Ceilidh Indy Express holds no prisoners. Ever tried the Gay Gordon? Move those dancing feet fast and you could be in with a chance at BB$! Includes Leaderboard for all three days. Prizes; 5 BB$ for top 3 overall and 1 BB$ each for places 4-10.


3-Day Shindig Survivor Pairs – FREE
18 boards, MPs, Open to all. 3 day event, where top 50% move forward
Get your best party outfit ready for a good old survivor shindig. This is the main event – running for the whole three days. If you’re good enough, you’ll make it to day three! Good luck everyone!

  • Day 1/3. Friday, 2PM US Eastern Time: Qualifications / 18 boards, MPs, Open to all. Top 50% move forward.
  • Day 2/3. Saturday, 2PM: Qualifications / 18 boards. 50% move forward
  • Day 3/3. Sunday, 2PM: Finals / 18 boards.
  • Cocktail Newcomer Pairs (0-5 BBO Points) – FREE
    BBO Points Awarded – 10 mins past the hour, every hour / 12 boards, Matchpoints, 8 minutes per board
    It’s happy hour for the newcomers. If you have below 5 BBO Points, mix a cocktail or a mocktail and get into the festive spirit. Based on the popular BBO Newcomer Pairs, get a taste for this BBO specialty every hour at xx:10

    Mulled Wine Limited Pairs (0-500 BBO Points) – FREE
    Starting at 20 mins past the hour, every hour / 18 boards, Matchpoints, 7 minutes per board
    If you’re a beginner / intermediate and fancy a Winter warmer during 21 Jumpstart, look no further than Mulled Wine Limited Pairs (limited to players with up to 500 BBO Points).

    Champagne Open Pairs – FREE
    Starting at 30 mins past the hour, every hour / 18 boards, Matchpoints, 6 minutes per board
    For those looking for a refined apéritif, Champagne Open Pairs is being served, and is open to all. This free open pairs tournament offers you the opportunity to flex your strategic prowess! It’s free to play and perfect even for the most demanding pairs.

    Firecracker Speedball 55% Pairs – FREE
    Starting at 40 mins past the hour, every hour / 12 boards, Matchpoints, 4.5 minute per boardr
    It’s fast and furious and guaranteed to keep the adrenaline flowing. If you’ve an hour to spare during 21 Jumpstart, give this game a go. Just like the other BBO pairs games, Firecracker Speedball Pairs is free to play!


    Auld Lang Syne 3 Day Survivor – FREE
    12 boards, MPs, top 50% qualify for the following day
    And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere! Bring on the Auld Lang Syne 3 Day Survivor! Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Not at BBO! Good luck – hope you make it to day three!

    Recovery Super Sunday Daylong – FREE
    12 boards, MPs, open to all
    Consolation for players who didn’t make the Auld Lang Syne Survivor final.

    Réveillon Daylong Reward
    16 boards, MPs, non-best hand – 1BB$
    The Réveillon Daylong Reward is sure to bring out the competitor in you. Finish in the top 30% and you’ll win BB$ prizes. All players contribute 1 BB$, which goes to a prize pool given back to the top scorers. 80% payback in prizes. Prize pool distributed to top 30%.

    Dancers Daylong
    8 boards (MPs, IMPs, JD) – 0.39BB$
    Dancers Daylong is a short 8-board quickstep towards potential BBO Points. MPs, IMPs, or Just Declare – pick your favorite and play at your own pace.

    Hour Glass Daylong
    12 boards (MPs, IMPs) – 0.59BB$
    Win BBO Points at the Hour Glass Daylong. As with all Daylongs you can start when convenient and play at your own pace.

    Glitterball Daylong
    20 boards (MPs, IMPs) – 1.35BB$
    With BBO Points up for grabs, why not give the sparkling 20 board Glitterball Daylong a go at 21 Jumpstart? It’s available throughout the duration of the tournament so you’ll be able to fit it into your schedule.

    How do I play?

    Click on “Competitive” => “All tournaments” and scroll (or use the search box) to find the game you want to play.

    Tips and Tricks