BBO Prime Bidders Challenge Launched

Panel member Sjoert Brink

Open to all!

We hope you’re all ready for this – it’s the new BBO Prime Bidders Challenge. Your chance to pit your wits against some of the best Bridge minds around. On the panel there’s Thomas Bessis, David Bird, Sally Brock and Zia Mahmood, along with many more stars of the game.

This challenge really is for everyone. It’s a great way for you to improve your bidding techniques.

The format’s simple. Every month, you’ll be able to take on a series of eight bidding problems. These problems will also be answered by our expert panel.

There’ll be monthly and annual winners. The annual winner will be decided by taking into account the nine best scores during the year.

The marks, the monthly ranking list and the panellists’ comments on each of the eight deals will be published on BBO Prime during the first week of January, along with the new deals for the February competition.

Click here to take the challenge – make sure you get involved – it’s going to be great fun!

Here’s a sneak peak at Hand #1

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