BBO Prime Bidders Challenge Launched

Panel member Sjoert Brink

Open to all!

We hope you're all ready for this - it's the new BBO Prime Bidders Challenge. Your chance to pit your wits against some of the best Bridge minds around. On the panel there's Thomas Bessis, David Bird, Sally Brock and Zia Mahmood, along with many more stars of the game.

This challenge really is for everyone. It's a great way for you to improve your bidding techniques.

The format's simple. Every month, you’ll be able to take on a series of eight bidding problems. These problems will also be answered by our expert panel.

There'll be monthly and annual winners. The annual winner will be decided by taking into account the nine best scores during the year.

The marks, the monthly ranking list and the panellists’ comments on each of the eight deals will be published on BBO Prime during the first week of January, along with the new deals for the February competition.

Click here to take the challenge - make sure you get involved - it's going to be great fun!

Here's a sneak peak at Hand #1

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118 comments on “BBO Prime Bidders Challenge Launched”

  1. also 2 N since if partner has diamonds, slam is possible, otherwise 3 N may be makeable even with minimal points.


  3. Vittorio di Silvio non mi piace la apertura di 1 quadri : è passabile! . Il mio partner può avere solo 6 punti. Tre quadri indica mano meno forte. Dichiarare subito manche a salto preclude lo slam. Propongo la licita di 3 fiori che è certamente forcing .

  4. I wrote my comment before .But I would like to mention another bidding if possibıe.
    2D(game forcing. 1D was strong with values similar to 2Cl openings.)


  6. Not enough information for a direct bid into game. Need to tell partner that I have a strong hand, so I need to execute a reverse. 2H will demonstrate that and force partner to bid. If partner bids spades again, a game in spades is certainly available. i.e. 4S, But partner has not indicated a point count, other than 6 or more, so slam is a possibility.

  7. There are 3 long suits and 1 short suit among the other hands. This could be a difficulty in 3NT. I think that 4spades is the best bet.

  8. Jump bid of 2NT, showing 18-19 pts. Partner has opportunity to rebid spades if six or show other suit. We could have slam on.

  9. I bid 3Nt to protect my k of c and also to show 19 points. My p defiantly will c
    Bid 3Nt so he could play the hand lol.

  10. Actually having given it another look I note that this is a four loser hand. 3nt is easy opposite Qx of diamonds and nothing else. It’s even on opposite a yarborough with three diamonds! If game is on opposite xxx/xxxx/xxx/xxx, it would have been better to open 2c. So that’s my bid: go back one round and open two clubs. 😉

  11. Strange. Several comments suggest “2nt forcing” or “3d forcing.” Neither if those bids is forcing! You must get to game. Either fake reverse to two hearts or bid 3nt. My choice is 3nt.

  12. Jump to 3D is in most systems not forcing, hence 2NT. Partner can then interrogate with Checkback Stayman, Schön or other. Length in diamonds will then be found. After the likely 3NT outcome and depending on the format one can consider investigating 6 diamonds with a 4club (Gerber) or 4D bid.

  13. I bid 2NT. It’s forcing and since partner needs 10 points to open a new suit I figure we should go slow to see if a slam is possible. At least let’s see what the best suit is

  14. I would bid 2NT to let partner know I have a big hand. If partner has 6 points or more it will elicit another bid from him. Depending on his answer I will either set the contract at 3 NT, 5 diamonds or ask for controls.

  15. as we have 7 crds d with A K T 9
    and can try 6d , even against singleton or void d with p chance of falling d honor doublton or d 3-3

    i will bid 4nt asking aces RKC on sp if p
    bids 5cl or 5d i stop in 5d
    if p shows 2 key cards i bid 6d

    1. I agree with 3Cl bid shows the points If partner bids nt I’ll bid 4D .. at least partner knows my point count and why don’t I want to play in Nt??

  16. I would open 2C as I have first or second round control in all suits and 4 losers. I play that 2D by responder shows an A or K, 2H no A or K. My rebid would be 3 D showing 6+ D. Responder would decide after that.

  17. I like 2nt or 3 Dia. I like good hand slow arrival and bad hand quick arrival. It doesn't cost anything to do this. I don't know enough abt my partner's hand to make a final decision at this time.

  18. 2NT (18-19 balanced). You have a partner. Let him take part in the conversation, hopefully on the way to a slam.

  19. I am not sure that three diamonds over one spade is forcing. I can bid three no trump, which should promise upwards of twenty points or so. If partner passes, we're in a makeable game.

  20. Too strong to bid 3diamonds.
    Hard to find some fake reverse with that shape.
    Think 3NT is the only possible bid showing game interest and long Diamonds.

  21. 3 D, if p has 5 carder spade he can repeat spades, if doubleton D then he may bid 4D. 3 NT is also an option for p. Woth min hand he can Pass

  22. 2NT. 18-19 points, no spade support. It’s a great hand but..... maybe not if diamonds don’t behave and clubs are a problem.

  23. I like 2NT forcing. 3NT is risky with the club suit, and partner might have complementary values that could lead to slam. I will bid 4S if p rebids their spades, pass if 3NT, Consider slam with diamond support or 3H bid

    1. Hi Phil - this one is IMPs. System notes were emailed to Prime Members who have requested articles emailed to them. Let me know if you would like them.

  24. I think my bid should be 2NT, which shows my partner 18-19 points. Now he can become the captain knowing my point count & also knowing I don't have another biddable suit, so I must be long in diamonds.

  25. 3 NT is a good bid. If partner has 6 pts. we should be able to make game. Also, it right sides the contract . If partner has more points, he should bid again. He should realize that a long diamond suit is part of the 3 NT bid.

  26. Wow - amazing panel members list! Thank you to Marc Smith for his work in getting this initiated!!! Gotta love you Marc. Take your meds eh!

  27. your partener have at least 5 cards in spade and at least 6 -9 points your hand with 19 HCP is worth to bid 4 spade but you need 3 cards support . I think 2 cards support with A & J are good enough to bid 4 spade

    1. It could be a 4 card major and p may have less than 6 hcp. Bid 2NT to indicate 18-19 points with stoppers in every suit.

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