Join the NABC Fundraiser Games - May 13-19

Win Double Black Masterpoints® in your virtual club

Play the NABC Fundraiser games from May 13-19 and get the opportunity to support the success of the upcoming North American Bridge Championships AND earn double black points.

What's special about the NABC Fundraiser Event?

You can win double black points when playing in your Virtual Club. These special games are held three times a year, and serve as a crucial lifeline for districts gearing up to host upcoming North American Bridge Championships. By participating, you’re not just playing a game – you’re directly contributing to the success of these events.

How to register

There's no need to change your schedule to participate in these games and no registration is required. Simply play in your usual Virtual Club game to participate.

Hope you’ll be able to play and win lots of black points! 

For more details click here to visit the ACBL events page.

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