February 2024 BBOers Festival Winners

February's Festival news round-up

The February Festival has now come to an end, and here's how things panned out. In the Country vs. Country Championships, Türkiye came out on top with a score of 57.99%. In second place is the rest of the world with its 4358 players scoring 57.36%. Following closely, Indonesia finished third with a score of 56.72%.

Special congratulations go to Jonathan Ferguson (jonottawa) from Ottawa, for winning this month's Stars & Platinum Robot Individual with an overall result of 62.23%.

Thank you for playing in the festival and congratulations to all the prize winners listed below. Well done!

February's Podiums

Country vs Country Championship3-Day Robot Survivor3-Day Mini SurvivorStars and Platinum Robot Individual
Felix Zimmerman
(400 Volt )
Faruk Masic
(1 fare)
Marek Wawrzyniak
(7 acoto)
Jonathan Ferguson 
 Andrei Sotnikau
(14 sotniku)
(5 Agrypina)
Jiang Chen
(32 jchenbt)
Junaidy Harris
9 cennur3Nikolay
(3 nik091966)
Robert Brady
(17 BradyBot)

Quicklinks to the results

Country vs Country
3 Day Robot Survivor
3 Day Mini Survivor

Country vs Country Championship

Top 10 Countries

RankCountryPlayersScore (%)
4United States124056.39
10United Kingdom18354.30

Country vs Country Prize Winners

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1400 VoltUnited States70.3974.87100 BB$
2Oguzhan22Türkiye69.7474.6450 BB$
3alm888France68.1974.225 BB$
4zaXXonBulgaria68.0873.9710 BB$
5paddu3World68.0673.7510 BB$
6kelanIreland68.0173.5310 BB$
7Quito17Denmark66.9973.0910 BB$
8TDevineWorld66.872.8710 BB$
9vranceanuRomania66.7972.6510 BB$
10BUANDWorld66.6472.4310 BB$
11mcaplanWorld66.5472.215 BB$
12datoWorld66.4371.995 BB$
13susantos64Indonesia66.2471.775 BB$
14EWW1340Poland66.1671.565 BB$
15stoffersNorway65.8571.135 BB$
16vvalloWorld65.7970.915 BB$
17bob5ngUnited States65.6170.75 BB$
18MolvaMWorld65.5970.495 BB$
19terpdrewWorld65.5770.285 BB$
20tazhuCanada65.4970.065 BB$
21Rizky005Indonesia65.3369.855 BB$
22gdum111Romania65.2869.435 BB$
23redubl1World64.4469.025 BB$
24nelmart61World64.4268.815 BB$
25tonnikjaerDenmark64.3768.65 BB$
26GiangibarWorld64.368.395 BB$
27Sherlockx1World64.2568.195 BB$
28Thunder CUnited States64.1767.985 BB$
29mhee67Indonesia64.1267.785 BB$
30jr3maliwatWorld64.1167.575 BB$
31fundasTürkiye63.9567.373 BB$
32maaijkeThe Netherlands63.9467.173 BB$
33waltrakWorld63.8666.963 BB$
34antontUnited States63.7466.563 BB$
35KammererIsrael63.6366.363 BB$
36lucka397World63.6266.163 BB$
37inonliSpain63.665.963 BB$
38ivanocofFrance63.5865.763 BB$
39tugbarsbWorld63.5165.373 BB$
40alcolicTürkiye63.5165.373 BB$
41zed cloverWorld63.5165.371 BB$
42peta_bSouth Africa63.564.981 BB$
43PJF1430World63.4564.781 BB$
44trykaczWorld63.4264.581 BB$
45chorushWorld63.3564.391 BB$
45pikaluckWorld63.364.21 BB$
45tonys7Norway63.24641 BB$
48EinsambrWorld63.263.811 BB$
49monk99Türkiye63.1863.621 BB$
50jonillNorway63.1663.241 BB$

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3-Day Robot Survivor


RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1FARE71.210 BB$
2sotniku69.615 BB$
3cennur368.535 BB$
4gab7nt68.445 BB$
5Dwfritz68.185 BB$
6rominen67.965 BB$
7lenv167.935 BB$
8tenn67.735 BB$
9godiwj67.555 BB$
10gwillikers67.365 BB$

Day 1 Winners

1crossFT82.015 BB$
2OUTH81.295 BB$
3FARE78.555 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1sotniku77.865 BB$
2sparess76.775 BB$
3tenn76.45 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1rominen81.685 BB$
2furia877.865 BB$
3lenv175.335 BB$

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3-Day Mini Survivor

Overall Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1acoto69.8410 BB$
2agrypina69.765 BB$
3nik09196669.515 BB$
4MARLYO69.315 BB$
5Squeeze67.895 BB$
6absynt4467.735 BB$
7taavi67.275 BB$
8Still Bay66.775 BB$
9Jansson166.695 BB$
10jr3maliwat66.665 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1wanda1181.115 BB$
2m8iffy80.95 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1jachu9378.195 BB$
2hsynyl775 BB$
3nuya616375.895 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1acoto80.225 BB$
2Quito1778.395 BB$
3akvara74.925 BB$

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1 2 3 153