Jonathan Ferguson wins the Stars and Platinum in February 2024

The second BBOers Festival of 2024 has come to its conclusion and it’s time to see who came out on top in the Stars & Platinum Robot Individual.

Jonathan Ferguson (jonottawa) from Ottawa claimed the top spot for the second month in succession, scoring 62.23%. Wow, he's undefeated in the 2024 competition, and looking at the size of the field, that's some going!

Jiang Chen (jchenbt) from the United States, came home in second with an overall score of 61.78%. Following closely in the third position was Robert Brady (BradyBot), from USA, scoring 61.72%. You might remember reading his interview back in 2022.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who took part.


RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1jonottawa62.2323.49100 BB$
2jchenbt61.7821.8350 BB$
3BradyBot61.7224.3720 BB$
4hupp61.4524.4110 BB$
5nils12361.1522.7210 BB$
6ai hao61.0623.7410 BB$
7nxw001660.5522.8010 BB$
8drorp60.4219.5710 BB$
9lc chen60.1719.7810 BB$
10jcortina60.0720.0610 BB$

Day 1

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1nxw001665.7912.2010 BB$
2nils12365.1212.0110 BB$
3uday64.4611.8210 BB$

Day 2

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1jchenbt68.1912.2010 BB$
2berny7567.0712.0110 BB$
3benellis5866.5811.8210 BB$

Day 3

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1avgera68.9112.2010 BB$
2mlodygda8367.8912.0110 BB$
3jonottawa67.6811.8210 BB$

See the full leaderboard below.

Result after Day 3

1 2 3 146