Day 3 in Progress: Fall 2023 NABC Robot Individual

A total of 2174 players registered to ACBL’s Fall 2023 NABC Robot Individual, which is taking place from Novembre 18-20.

Today is the second day of the event, and here are the preliminary results after Day 2. The official results will be announced once cheating checks have been completed.

Results after Day 2

Jorge Barrera (santafe) took the lead with 70.74% after Day 2. Closely behind in second place is Bradley Furnish (KSKC) with 70.57%. Meanwhile, Mark McCarthy (mykaell), who led yesterday's leaderboard, currently holds third place with 70.25%. It's very tight at the top!

In Flight B, Glenn Ivett (hanahanbri) leads with 66.13%, and in Flight C, Chen Zhou (czhou186) is still leading with 63.97%.

Today is the last day of competition. Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow!

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