BBO Update: New Clubhouse Section Added

You might be wondering what the new Clubhouse button is all about, on the BBO menu. It's for the new ACBL Clubhouse. It’s an easy way to find our friendly clubhouse games.

What is the ACBL Clubhouse?

The ACBL Clubhouse powered by BBO is a bridge club with special online games where you can earn ACBL black masterpoints (or upgraded Masterpoints during special weeks). These games are perfect for newcomers and less experienced players who want to enjoy playing bridge as part of a friendly, inclusive community.

What's Changed?

You’ll see the new Clubhouse button in the re-arranged Featured Areas menu. This means that some of the other buttons have moved around too.

Here’s a ‘Before and After’

If you’d like to find out more about the ACBL Clubhouse please click here to get the lowdown.

9 comments on “BBO Update: New Clubhouse Section Added”

  1. Why won’t you offer a wide variety of day/time opportunities=to play with robots and 10 or 12 hand games?

    If you make this opportunity more accessible and mor3 realistic to people’s schedules who play online with robots, that would be appreciated.

      1. The entry fee is shown for each game in BBO dollars on the BBO website. You have to purchase BBO dollars in order to pay the entry fee. Most games cost 5-6 BBO dollars (BB$).

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