Introducing 12 Board ACBL Clubhouse Rewards: Shorter, more fun with rewards for doing well!

Your Goal: Score 50% or More

Who are these games for?
Are you a player with fewer than 49 masterpoints, looking to gain confidence and enjoy bridge in a relaxed, welcoming environment among your peers? We have the perfect games for you – ACBL Clubhouse Rewards. For players with at most 49 points, your goal is simple: score 50% or more and you’ll win 5 BB$, on top of any ACBL masterpoint awards you might win.

What are the ACBL Clubhouse Rewards?
The ACBL Clubhouse Rewards are fun, short games tailored for less experienced players who might feel a bit nervous about diving into the world of online bridge. We understand that starting can be intimidating, so we’ve created games that are both enjoyable and rewarding, offering a comfortable space to build your skills and get a sense of how well you're doing.

Why You’ll Love the ACBL Clubhouse Rewards

  • Clear and Achievable Goals - you’re aiming to score 50% or more. You might not make it straight away, but persist and you’ll get there.
  • Short and Sweet: Games consist of 12 boards, making  them easy to fit into your schedule.
  • Win Prizes: Not only can you earn ACBL black masterpoints (and even red, silver and gold during special weeks), but if you score more than 50%, you’ll win a 5 BB$ reward
  • Play at Your Level: There are games for players with 0-20 masterpoints, and games for those with under 49 masterpoints. You’ll always be playing against others at your level.

Join the Fun and Gain Confidence
ACBL Clubhouse Rewards are all about encouraging new and less experienced players to enjoy the game of bridge without the pressure. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to improve your skills, this is the perfect opportunity to play, learn, and win in a supportive environment. Gather your courage, join us, and discover how much fun online bridge can be!

Ready to play? Click the button below to login to BBO and join a Clubhouse Reward game in the ACBL Clubhouse!

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