ACBL Limited Tournaments

Author: Paul
Date: October 18, 2021

We've launched more ACBL sanctioned, stratified games on BBO. These games are perfect for less experienced players as you can only play them if you don't exceed the masterpoint® limit allowed. There are limited pairs and individual games to choose from, as well as all the open games.

ACBL 0-499 Pairs

*** UPDATE - a 7:30 PM (US Eastern Time) game is now available daily! ***

Grab your favorite partner and come and play. There are 18-board 499er pair games available every day, at 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM (all US Eastern Time). If you haven't done so already you'll need to add your ACBL number on BBO to register. Click here to register your ACBL number with BBO.

Registration opens 2 hours before the start time – click ACBL World and use the search box at the top to look for “499”.

ACBL 299er Daylong

For ACBL members with 300 or fewer masterpoints – the place to improve your bridge and win ACBL masterpoints and BBO points. It’s a safe, kind environment for newcomers and the robots don’t complain if you make a mistake!

As with all Daylongs, you have the flexibility to play at your own pace and can jump in and out of the game throughout the day without losing your results. Just make sure you’ve finished your boards by 5 am US Eastern Time. Entry fee 1.35 BB$ (free for ACBL members with under 5 masterpoints®).

Have a go, you’ll love it. Go to ACBL World > ACBL 299er Daylong to play.

The all new, ACBL 0-20 Daylong

If you've 20 masterpoints® or less, you should definitely have a go at this daylong. Again, this is a safe, kind environment for newcomers. There's no stress here!

Take your time and play at your own pace. As with all daylongs, you can leave the game when you need and return to finish when convenient. Just make sure you’ve finished your boards by 5 am US Eastern Time.

Also, don't forget that ACBL members under 5 masterpoints play for free!

Click here for more info and go to ACBL World > ACBL 0-20 Daylong to play.

Finding ACBL World

ACBL World

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